Chopped Leaf

114 Mayfield Common Northwest H4, Edmonton, AB T5P 4B3

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a week ago

If I could live inside your salad wraps as I consume them I would, as I bathe myself in your delicious evil peanut sauce. This is my favourite place for food. I love that you have boca crumble. Could you please get plant based cheese too. Sometimes I want to straight up drink your goddess dressing, so much so that I always order more! Your staff are friendly and the food is always fast. Bang on! Great work guys.

Vanessa Verstraete
2 months ago

I had a bad experience at this Chopped Leaf. Something I have never experienced at any Chopper Leaf before. When I posted about my experience, management was quick to reach out and amend the situation. I am very happy with the service I received and I have actually since gone to the restaurant and the service there has also improved.

Abi Rose
2 months ago

Such a good location, service was awesome with friendly and kind staff, the food was ready in under 5 minutes and was super tasty.

Kyle Melin
a month ago

Two of us came to the chopper leaf Mayfield location, waited for our order, were told it was #15. Finally the lady calls #15 for us to pick up, I sit our food down, and I find out I'm missing chicken in my salad, I go back to ask for it, then the lady beside us finds out I took her order of food instead. So while that lady and chopped leaf attendant made a deal so she could take my actual order of food, im stuck with her order that I clearly didn't want. When I asked the attendant about it, she said I took the wrong wrong and thats it. Not too mention the quesadilla and salad, both with supposed chicken on it, had 2 to 3 pieces each? Plus the horrible customer service/attitude. Wouldn't recommend, or will return.

2 months ago

Dealt with Colleen when things were not quite up to the usual excellent standard and was pleased that she went the extra mile to make sure she had a very satisfied customer. Just when you think customer service is a lost art - along comes a Colleen. :)