A Taste Of Saigon Restaurant

8888 Country Hills Blvd NW #406 #406, Calgary, AB T3G 5T4

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(403) 247-4959
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Nusayba Hossain
3 months ago

They have the most amazing seafood pho! It has a good amount of real crab, along with some imitation crab, 2 kinds of fish cakes, a mussel, 2 prawns, a good amount of seaweed all in an amazing seafood broth with some great vermicelli noodles and fresh cilantro. Seasoned to perfection. Very fresh and filling and worth every penny ($14.80).

Katherine Bernard Yip-Choy
8 months ago

Overall Impression: Definitely a place you should give a try if you haven't been, and definitely a place I've been returning to since my first visit. Excellent variety of dishes on their menu. Whenever we go we always get the soups because the broths are amazing! Some favourites of ours are the 27, 29, and 41 (especially if you like curry). Have yet expanded to the vermicelli or buns yet but those are next on our list. They have a wide selection of beverages as well, and on our last visit we got the fresh strawberry juice which was very nice. They didn't over sweeten it and it was the perfect level of refreshing. The wait might be a little longer than your average fast food Vietnamese restaurant (30min instead of 15min), but it is 100% worth the quality that comes out of the kitchen. Portions are large, prices are reasonable, and the flavour wonderful. This place is our new favourite Vietnamese restaurant!

Hala Alghoraibi
4 months ago

Theirs menu the food taste great, especially theirs soups are marvellous I moved to downtown, and I go all the way, and I would go again if it’s open again, from south downtown to northwest Tuscany best food ever great chefs

Solid Gold Scripture Journals
7 months ago

This is my favorite restaurant. So delicious. So friendly. I crave the soups!!

Michael Young (fuzzt0ne)
10 months ago

This place does pho like I’ve never had?????????? Curry Coconut Soup has changed my life and y’all better get here. Noodles, perfect texture, excellent ingredients, wonderful service, can’t recommend enough. Here’s a sixth star ⭐️