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Vegan General Tso's tofu recipe
April 20,2021

General Tso’s Tofu (Vegan)

Never say no to General Tso’s with a tasty vegan spin-off of this classic Chinese American

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Lentil veggie carrot hot dog recipe
April 12,2021

Lentil Carrot and Veggie Hot Dogs (Vegan)

Make your own quick and tasty carrot hot dog with pureed veggies and lentils to give

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Vegan macaroni and cheese recipe
April 12,2021

Vegan Mac and Cheese

Vegan mac and cheese, made from scratch with super healthy and easy-to-get ingredients. It’s so flavorful,

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Red Thai curry full of bell peppers is served in a speckled bowl with rice for a delicious vegan lunch or dinner recipe.
February 9,2021

Red Thai Curry With Rice

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Healthy plant-based snacks like buffalo cauliflower wings and celery are plated for game day.
February 3,2021

Buffalo Cauliflower Wings (Vegan, Gluten-Free)

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Dairy free vegan fettucine alfredo pasta is plated in a decorative bowl and surrounded by ingredients used in the recipe such as garlic and onions.
January 12,2021

Alfredo Fettuccine Pasta (Dairy-Free)

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Jackfruit pulled pork is plated with roasted brussel sprouts, cauliflower mash, and surrounded by gingerbread men and Christmas ornaments.
December 23,2020

Jackfruit Pulled Pork

Pulled pork hold the pork? No problem! Enjoy some tangy and delicious pulled pork this holiday

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Baked dairy free, vegan, and plant based mac and cheese is plated on a pink plate and topped with chopped parsley for a tasty holiday side dish.
December 19,2020

Baked Plant Based Mac and Cheese

Nothing says the holidays like a warm and gooey mac and cheese. Try out this delicious

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Cauliflower mashed potatoes topped with chives and vegan butter surrounded by chopped cauliflower florets.
December 18,2020

Garlic Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes

Looking for a healthier mashed potato this holiday season? Try out our cauliflower mashed potatoes recipe

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Closeup of roasted brussel sprouts ready to be tossed into a maple balsamic glaze.
December 17,2020

Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Maple Balsamic Glaze

This roasted brussel sprout recipe is the perfect accompaniment to your favorite holiday dishes and brings

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