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Veganuary Kids Favorite Bundle

Veganuary Kids Favorite Bundle

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Quick Description

Puffs, bites, bars, and pops? This Veganuary Kids Favorite Bundle has them all. These certified kid-loved food and treats are just the thing for good eatin’ this Veganuary!

What’s Included?

Bundle Overview

Vegan food for kids usually gets a bad rep among the youngins themselves. They’re often perceived as healthy, and therefore boring or bland. Well, they haven’t been getting the good kind - that’s for sure. That’s why we came up with our Veganuary Kids Favorite Bundle.

This vegan bundle for kids offers you a range! You can get a vegan breakfast for kids or maybe treats that can sway your kids to finish the lunch and dinner meals you prepared for them. This is helpful if they can tend to be fussy.

Bundle Breakdown

Let’s start with the very beginning. Breakfast. Set your kids up for a great day by giving them a bowl of Cocoa Bunnies from Annie's Homegrown Organic Cereal. After that, pack them an Apple Fruit Bar from That's it. and set them on their merry way!

Here are some vegan lunch ideas for kids. If you’re trying to get them to eat better meals, introduce familiar foods with a vegan twist. We like going for Annie's Homegrown Cheddar Mac N Cheese Pasta since it’s something they know and will definitely love. Next is a pretty straightforward tip - reward good behavior! If they polished off all their food, give them a treat like Annie's Homegrown Fruit Snacks or a Low Sugar Golly Lolli's by Project7. Remember to reward with a little treat and not extravagant, big ones!

Listen, this wouldn’t be called the Veganuary Kids Favorite Bundle if it didn’t have sure-fire treats like Hippeas Dairy Free Cheddar Puffs or gummy snacks like Solely’s Organic Whole Fruit Gummies. Your kids won’t feel left out or feel envious of other snacks that they see in the schoolyard when they have these on hand. Why would they even want those artificially-flavored sweets anyway?

Grab this vegan bundle for kids and you and your kiddos can see all the lovely treats we handpicked. Skip on that other food filled with preservatives and sugars and get something so much better. It’s a fantastic introduction to the vegan lifestyle since we’re certain that these will taste awesome!

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Veganuary Kids Favorite Bundle
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