Tringario Vastardo Petit Verdot 2017

Tringario Vastardo Petit Verdot 2017

Brand - Tringario Wines
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Quick Description


Acid:              〚lifted〛                 

Alcohol:        〚13.5%〛

Body:            〚medium+〛             

Fruit:             〚black & inky〛

Tannin:         〚silky〛                   



Inky is the word most commonly associated with Petit Verdot. This dark and mysterious wine has a lot going on, but it’s a quiet kind of power. Bing and black cherries with floral tobacco and cedar are the first notes that jump out. More dark fruits - mulberry, black plum, and heavy herbs - fried sage, black pepper, and toasty vanilla. The alcohol is assertive and the tannins are very grippy, but it all feels in tune. If this wine were a person, it would be a very beefy bodyguard in an expensive suit. Yum!

Serving Temperature:65 °F or 16 °C


Meet husband & wife winemakers from Tringario! Click to watch their introduction video.

The family has been winemaking for the last 100 years. My great-grandfather started with the winery in 1920, and since then every generation in the family has been involved in some way or another.  

I have been around the winery since I was a boy, helping with the harvest, driving the forklift, or doing whatever was necessary.  

Then came the time to go to university, and I decided to study agriculture and winemaking. When I finished I worked in Maquis, in Colchagua Valley, and then in Cain Vineyards and Winery, in Napa Valley.  

When I came back from the US, in 2009, I started to work with my family, and back in 2015, I decided to start my own winery, named Tringario. 

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