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Brand - Tia Lupita

Tia Lupita - Habanero Cactus Tortillas, 5oz

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Quick Description

Tia Lupita Habanero Cactus Tortillas are both grain-free and non-GMO, making this satisfying crunch and Habanero Hot Sauce flavor a healthier option.

Key Information

  • Grain-Free Chips
  • Certified Non-GMO
  • Vegan Certified
  • Made with a blend of sustainable cactus and upcycled Okara

Product Overview

Tia Lupita makes authentic, healthy, and sustainable Mexican cuisine. The Habanero Hot Sauce was inspired by a family recipe that was too tasty not to share. After the founder moved away from home he missed the nostalgic and spicy flavor of his Aunt’s hot sauce and so the brand Tia Lupita was born. Along with their renowned hot sauce, Tia Lupita made its Cactus Tortillas to provide a healthier snacking alternative.

By keeping the chips 100% grain-free and using a blend of cactus and cassava flour, they are high in fiber while still delivering a moreish texture. By using the sustainable Nopales Cactus, Tia Lupita has made chips that are better for the planet and for you. The Habanero chips use the same flavor blend as their hot sauce, giving them a deliciously spicy and complex taste. Wonderful on their own or for a Mexican feast with salsa, guacamole, queso, or even chili!


Blend of Cassava Flour and Nopales Cactus, Sunflower or Safflower Oil, Tia Lupita® Foods Habanero Seasoning(Vinegar Powder, Onion Powder, Organic Raw Cane Sugar, Sea Salt, Carrot Powder, Spices, Garlic Powder, Habanero Pepper, Annatto Extract, Mango Powder, Molasses Powder, Turmeric), Coconut Flour, Chia Seeds.

Allergens: Contains Tree Nuts (Coconut).

What is Cassava Flour?

Cassava flour is made from upcycled foods such as Okara, this reduces food waste and makes a more sustainable chip without losing any of the texture. What is Okara you ask? It is the fibrous by-product of soybeans and it usually goes to waste in soy milk production. The perfect solution? Turning it into flour for Tia Lupita customers to enjoy!

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Tia Lupita - Habanero Cactus Tortillas, 5oz
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