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Succulent 'String Of Bananas' - 6" Pot

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About Succulent ‘String of Bananas’

String of Bananas is a beautiful hanging houseplant that will never let beginners and experts alike down. Native to South Africa, Senecio radicans or generally known as “String of Bananas” is a type of succulent that displays trailing glossy, banana-shaped foliage and tiny lavender, yellow, or white blooms. Although relatively close to the String of Pearls succulent, this type is said to be more fast-growing and easier to care for as it’s drought-tolerant and low maintenance. They grow splendidly on hanging baskets, containers, trellis, and moss poles. 


Our Succulent 'String Of Bananas' plants come in three sizes — * 2” Pot, Product Size : 8 Oz * 4” Pot, Product Size : 15 Oz * 6" Pot, Product Size : 32 Oz.


As a sun-dependent plant, String of Bananas thrives best in spots where they can get bright, direct sunlight. Leave them be, and they will be happy on their own. 


Though hardy, this houseplant is not cold-tolerant and doesn’t grow well in low-light conditions. So if winter season comes or if you’re living in a cooler climate and you’re growing a string of bananas plant outdoor, it’s best to keep them in containers that can be brought indoors. 

Health Benefits

String of Bananas, like other indoor plants, filters and removes majority of harmful compounds present in the air you breathe. They also help produce oxygen for good air circulation. 

Looking after the plant

Use a well-draining soil mix for this trailing succulent to help prevent root rot once watered. In terms of watering, String of Bananas has low water needs. Allowing the soil to dry out completely between waterings is enough to maintain its healthy state. 

Plant Care with Pets and Children

Keep your String of Bananas out of reach as they are toxic to cats and dogs, and mildly toxic to humans. If ingested, it will exhibit symptoms of poisoning such as nausea, vomiting, skin irritation, drooling, diarrhea, and lethargy. 
Succulent 'String Of Bananas' - 6" Pot
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