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Sauv Blanc Trio Collection

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Quick Description

Try the Sauv Blanc Trio Collection and purchase a wine lovers paradise… Three bottles pay homage to this legendary grape in all the right ways. So, grab a glass!

What’s Included?

  • Greenhough – Sauvignon Blanc – River Garden (2019), 750ml
  • Eco Terreno – Sauvignon Blanc (2018), 750ml
  • Chacewater – Sauvignon Blanc (2019), 750ml

Bundle Overview

Is there anything better than a Sauvignon Blanc? Yes - three Sauvignon Blancs. Your wish is our command... Introducing the Sauvignon Blanc Trio collection. Three bottles, expertly matched to showcase this amazing grape with individual flavors that will truly knock your socks off.

So, grab a glass... Sauvignon Blanc was the grape that put New Zealand on the map, and now it is enjoyed in homes all over the world. Why? Because it is so delicious. Its cult following raves about its showstopping zingy flavors, and so do we. Crisp acidity. Herby freshness. Fruity bites. Welcome to the world of herbs, citrus, apple, tropical fruits, juicy melons, and pure unadulterated joy!  Here we have three bottles which will give you everything you could possibly want from white wine.

Gift this Trio Collection to a friend, or keep it all to yourself, we don’t care!. Either way, this is the box that allows wine-lovers to do what they do best… Get ready for Sauvignon Blanc at its finest. 

Bundle Breakdown

So, what’s in this Trio Collection? Let’s break it down for you.  We started with a classic. The Greenhough Sauvignon Blanc River Garden (2019). A New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. There is a reason why this was the terrain that made this grape a worldwide sensation. Stunning weather. Turquoise seas. Lush valleys. This is the place for grapes to thrive, and it is thanks to this that our bottle got its vibrant inquisitive flavors. This medium-bodied dry fruity white does not hold back. From there, let’s go to California.

The Eco Terreno Sauvignon Blanc (2018). Also raised on warm heat and sea air, this grape is brimming with aromas of papaya, lime, and honeydew. This Sauv Blanc bottle is memorable for its lavish fruitiness which takes our breath away.  We love California, so, let’s stick around! Our final pick?

The Chacewater Sauvignon Blanc (2019). This crisp apricotty delight completes the trio. Why? Because it is an absolute crowd-pleaser. Guests will love this bottle, showcasing classic Sauv Blanc exuberance. These bottles are all so good, it is hard to pick a favorite. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What food should I pair Sauvignon Blanc with?

Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect wine for a summer’s day and will pair perfectly with anything fresh and flavorsome. Think juicy salads. Herby potatoes. Freshly braised asparagus with lemon. Vegan sushi with pickled ginger. Keep it fresh, keep it light, and you will find the perfect accompaniment for this crisp and fruity summer bottle. 

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Sauv Blanc Trio Collection
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