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Ruffled Apron Foods - Pie Crust, 6oz Various Flavors

Ruffled Apron Foods - Pie Crust, 6oz Various Flavors

Brand - Ruffled Apron Foods
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Quick Description

Homemade pie sounds good right about now, but who has the time to make pie crust? Ruffled Apron Foods is coming to the rescue - grab one of their Pie Crusts now!

Key Information

  • Great for all bake or no-bake pie recipes
  • Made with just 5 ingredients
  • Made with raw almonds
  • Dairy and gluten-free
  • No artificial flavorings and preservatives

Product Overview

Making pie crust can be a time-consuming process that is often difficult to get right. Sometimes, store-bought pie crusts stack up against homemade ones. One such pie crust is Ruffled Apron Foods’ Pie Crust!

Ruffled Apron Foods’ Pie Crust is great for bake or no-bake recipes. Follow your recipe as needed and just use this pie crust in lieu of making one yourself. It’s that easy!

There are a couple of pie crusts available from Ruffled Apron Foods: the original Almond Nut and the decadent Chocolate Almond Nut!

Almond Nut

Ruffled Apron Foods has made a dairy and gluten-free pie crust that can be incorporated into pie recipes with no hassle at all. It’s made from raw almonds and has an earthy and naturally sweet flavor.

Chocolate Almond Nut

For no-bake recipes like dessert pies, add more decadence by using a Chocolate Almond Nut crust! Organic cacao powder brings a taste of bitterness and sweetness to this pie crust. If you’re using flavors from nut butters or fruits, this is the crust to use.


Almond Nut
Raw almonds, purified water, organic coconut oil, flaxseeds, organic cinnamon.

Chocolate Almond Nut
Raw almonds, purified water, organic coconut oil, organic cacao powder, flaxseeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since Ruffled Apron Foods Pie Crusts can be used for no-bake recipes, does that mean I don’t need to bake them first?

Not at all! You will need to pre-prep your crust for no-bake recipes. Just bake the crust as instructed on the pack or until it reaches a noticeably golden-brown color.

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Ruffled Apron Foods - Pie Crust, 6oz
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