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Rosé Collection

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Quick Description

The Rosé Collection Gift Box serves us a match made in wine heaven. A duo of fruit-forward Rosé wines, packing an equal punch. This calls for a celebration!

What’s Included?

  • Pino Cellars – Rosé Of Pinot Noir (2017), 750ml
  • Eco Terreno – Rosé (2019), 750ml

Bundle Overview

Are you looking for the perfect Rosé bottle? Well, we have just found you two. Why two? Because why have one when you can have two!  There’s nothing like popping open a bottle of Rosé on a summer’s day. One look at that subtle pink hue and you know you won’t be able to resist having a glass. One sip and you won’t be able to resist having another.

The perfect blend of red grapes, fermented perfectly to ensure light palatable fruity flavors that go down easy. From floral aromas to herbaceous tones, there is a rosé out there for everyone, which is exactly why this bottle is enjoyed in homes all over the world. 

This collection serves you two pink bottles that will make you blush in all of the right ways. The perfect gift for Rosé lovers and Rosé beginners, these bottles can be enjoyed with friends or kept all to yourself! 

Bundle Breakdown

So, why have we picked out this duo of bottles for you? We think this is a match made in heaven, let us explain why… Our first pick is the Pino Cellars Rosé Of Pinot Noir (2017). This bottle introduces itself with a soft pink hue, subtle and enticing. From there, flavors take you on a journey. Strawberry aromas begin at the nose, from which a full berry bouquet takes over. Think cherry. Think cranberry. Think Rasberry. To finish? Earthy tones of tobacco bring your feet back to the ground. Overall this dry and fruity number shows us Oregan Pinot Noir mastery. It’s accompaniment? An equally fruit-forward contender made from a four-grape-blend.

If you thought the Pino Cellars bottle couldn’t be matched, the Eco Terreno Rosé (2019) gives it a run for its money. Made down the coastline in California, this bottle counters berries with the tantalizing mix of plum, watermelon, strawberry and cream flavors. It works a treat and its full and vibrant aromas are mouth-watering. Instead of earthy tones, this bottle has a refreshing finish that gets you ready for another glass. So, pass the bottle...

Frequently Asked Questions

What food should I pair these Rosé bottles with?

This Rosé Collection serves us not one but two vibrant fruity pinks, giving us a taste of summer all year round. So, get your swimsuits on, get your deckchairs out and put the parasol up! Let’s match these bottles with something that will complete the summer fantasy. How about a vibrant and herby Mediterranean platter? Olives. Vegan Feta. Sundried Tomatoes. Focaccia dripping with olive oil and balsamic. Can you picture it? Both of these bottles can contend with vibrant flavors, so match them with some savory summer delights, sit back and enjoy. 

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Rosé Collection
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