Redmond - Garlic Sea Salt, 4.75oz

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Redmond - Garlic Sea Salt, 4.75oz

Brand - Redmond
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Quick Description

Try the Redmond Garlic Sea Salt and experience salt at its absolute tastiest. Hearty garlic. Unrefined sea salt. Organic flavors. This mix is not to be missed.

Key Information

  • Organic Garlic and Sea Salt Mix
  • Unrefined Mineral Salt
  • Mined in America
  • Kosher
  • No Additives

Product Overview

Is there anything better than shaking a delicious sprinkle of salt over your piping hot dinner? Oh, wait. What about that delicious taste of garlic? Wouldn’t it be great if both of the flavors we love could be combined? Introducing Redmond Garlic Sea Salt!

This is the sea salt mix that is guaranteed to elevate your meals to the max. With the great tastes of garlic and real salt, what could go wrong? And, made with entirely organic garlic and unrefined sea salt, you know this stuff is the best of the best. No additives. No MSG. No chemicals. Just pure, great-tasting natural ingredients.

Spoon into recipes. Sprinkle onto hot meals. Shake into sauces. This is the essential seasoning you can’t live without, and you wouldn’t want to! Try it for yourself and you will see why.


Real Salt, Organic Garlic.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is so special about Redmond’s Sea Salt?

Redmond’s Salt has earned a name for itself as a best-selling salt that health experts recommend. Why? Because, unlike your average sea salt it is totally unrefined, with no nasty bits added in.

So, what makes natural salt so good for us? Redmond's salt contains 60+ trace minerals that we all want in our bodies! This also explains the amazing unrefined flavor, which hasn’t been tainted by chemicals or additives. One final thing? Redmond’s mine their salt in America, not Pakistan or France like other unrefined salts. This makes it better for the environment, as well as our bellies.

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