Rebel Green - Tree Free Paper Towels, 2pk

Rebel Green-Tree Free Paper Towels, 2pk
Rebel Green - Tree Free Paper Towels, 2pk - side
Rebel Green - Tree Free Paper Towels, 2pk - back
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Rebel Green - Tree Free Paper Towels, 2pk

Brand - Rebel Green
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Quick Description

Rebel Green’s Tree Free Paper Towels clean up more than just mess in the kitchen. Protecting our trees one wipe at a time, join the tree-free movement today.

Key Information

  • 100% Tree Free
  • Strong, soft, and absorbent
  • Chlorine Free
  • Made from sustainable bamboo.
  • A portion of each purchase of Rebel Green Tree Free products goes towards planting more trees worldwide.

Product Overview

Do you know how many trees are needed per day to replace all those paper towels we humans so carelessly throw away? According to estimates, as many as 51,000 trees, and just one ton of these trees makes 20,000 gallons of water pollution. Time for us vegans to take action. Luckily with Rebel Green Tree Free paper towels, we can.

Instead of trees, Rebel Green uses sustainable bamboo to make safe and eco-friendly paper towels good for us and our planet. Bamboo can grow up to 2-and-a-half feet per day, and is ready to be collected and harvested again in just 3-4 months. Trees take around 30 years to grow, and 10 or more years to replace.

So, using bamboo is a much more sustainable method. Trees are also homes for many creatures, birds, and insects and replenish the air with oxygen so we can keep breathing. Tree’s do so much for us, let's get on their side and switch to bamboo!

Rebel Green’s paper towels are soft, absorbent, and free from chlorine. No quality is sacrificed. So, what are you waiting for? Join the tree-saving paper towel revolution today!


Made from sustainable bamboo.

Frequently Asked Question

What about the carbon footprint of importing bamboo?

For Rebel Green, importing materials to create tree-free products has always been a key concern. Rebel Green aims to make products in the US wherever they can to save the pollution caused by importing materials. Sadly, there is no source for domestically grown bamboo.

However, after careful calculation, Rebel Green found it takes less energy to bring one ton of product across the pacific ocean than it does to transport that ton from Wisconsin to Texas by truck. With this all taken into consideration, Rebel Green thinks our planet, in balance, will be happier if bamboo is imported from China to continue the tree-free revolution here in the US.

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