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PlantFusion - Inspire for Women Powder Vanilla, 15.87 oz

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Enjoy the luscious taste of creamy vanilla bean with all the benefits in Plant Fusion Inspire for Women Powder - Vanilla. Made from pomegranate extract, L-theanine and ashwagandha, this perfect protein blend is the holistic approach to achieve optimal performance for all women. With 18g of protein, it also builds and repairs muscle, maintains a healthy hormone balance, reduces stress, and maintains focus.

Ingredients: pomegranate skin plant extract, biotin granular, calcium carbonate powder, guar gum powder, l-lysine powder, l-carnitine powder, calcium citrate granular, bromelain powder, silicon dioxide, l-arginine powder, monk fruit extract powder, pomegranate fruit powder, artichoke leaf extract powder, stevia (stevia rebaudiana) leaf extract, alpha glaactosidase powder, pea protein isolate, rebaudioside A (stevia rebaudiana) leaf powder, l-theanine powder, chia seed powder, whole algae protein powder