Organic India - Tulsi Focus Hibiscus Cinnamon Tea, 18 Bags, 1.2oz

organic india tulsi focus hibiscus cinnamon tea
Organic India-Hibiscus Cinnamon Tea - 18 bags, 1.2 oz
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Organic India - Tulsi Focus Hibiscus Cinnamon Tea, 18 Bags, 1.2oz

Brand - Organic India
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Quick Description

Enjoy the delightful flavor of hibiscus and cinnamon in Organic India Hibiscus Cinnamon Tea. Formulated with the signature Tulsi blend of Rama, Vana, and Krishna Tulsi (Holy Basil). Feel energized throughout the day with its caffeine and natural flavors from black tea. It also supports mental clarity and focus while helping the body adapt to all kinds of stress from the benefits of adaptogenic herbs and nootropic botanicals.


Proprietary Organic Blend 2 Gram, Organic Tulsi Proprietary Blend Organic Tulsi (Krishna & Rama Varieties) (Ocimum Sanctum) (Leaf) Organic East Indian Basil (Vana) (Ocimum Gratissimum) (Leaf), Organic Gotu Kola (Aerial Part), Organic Cinnamon (Bark), Organic Bacopa (Aerial Part), Organic Amla (Fruit), Organic Ashwagandha (Root), Organic Hibiscus (Flower), Organic Turmeric (Rhizome), Organic Ginger (Rhizome), Organic Shankpushpi (Convolvulus Pluricaulis) (Aerial Part), Organic Cardamom (Pod), Organic Rosemary (Leaf), Organic Sage (Leaf), Organic Long Pepper/Pippali (Fruit), Organic Clove (Bud), Organic Orange Flavor Extract.

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