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OhSoTasty - Sizzlin' Sesame Soup, 0.72oz

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Keep yourself going for hours during crunch time with this perfect and quick on-the-go snack that’s also gluten-free and Keto-friendly. OhSoTasty Sizzlin' Sesame Soup has no carbohydrates and only 75 calories. Easily enjoy whenever, wherever with this classic veggie soup with a nutty twist and a double dose of sesame. A perfect choice to fill you up in between meals.

Ingredients: Powdered soybean paste (with rice), agar, sugar, sesame seeds, dried spinach, powdered palm oil, dried corn, dried carrot, sices, yeast extract powder, powdered sesame oil, vegetable powder (onions, leeks), salt, Chinese cabbage extract powder, shiitake mushroom extract, powder, onion powder.

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OhSoTasty - Sizzlin' Sesame Soup, 0.72oz
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