Nerkihue Quiebre Malbec 2017

Nerkihue Quiebre Malbec 2017

Brand - Nerkihue Vineyards
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Quick Description

Adventure:  〚herbaceous〛

Acid:              〚fresh〛                 

Alcohol:        〚13.5%〛

Body:            〚medium〛             

Fruit:             〚blue & black〛

Tannin:         〚refined〛                   


This deep, dark wine is a modern style of Malbec with a few surprises. There are distinct aromas, fresh and floral, with a dominance of rosemary, eucalyptus, and peppermint. Lots of big flavors too - leather, blackberry, black cherry, and blueberry pie. The wine dances from note to note as you make your way to the bottom of the bottle.

Serve at 62 to 66 deg F.


Meet the Winemaker!

Nerkihue is a family-owned winery located in Lolol, Colchagua Valley. Their vines grow in very steep hills with shallow grounds that benefit from the ocean breeze to create wines that are elegant, fresh, and aromatic. All of their labors are done manually by families from Lolol to keep the local identity and the production is kept limited to have little to no intervention in order to reflect the purity of the terroir.

The Quiebre is a modern wine that seeks to be different and stand out because of its aromas, freshness, and flavor. It is a wine of origin, able to speak for itself without any alteration of its spirit.

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