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Moon Juice - Cosmic Cocoa: Adaptogens for Mood & Libido, 6.9oz

Moon Juice - Cosmic Cocoa: Adaptogens for Mood & Libido, 6.9oz

Brand - Moon Juice
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Quick Description

Moon Juice’s Cosmic Cocoa: Adaptogenic Hot Chocolate for Mood & Libido is rich, smooth, and creamy. Designed to increase mood, libido and relieve stress.

Key Information

  • Rich and creamy hot chocolate
  • Made with adaptogens
  • Designed to increase mood and libido
  • Developed to relieve stress and support collagen growth
  • Free from fillers, gluten, and GMOs
  • Made with organic ingredients

Product Overview

Cosmic Cocoa by Moon Juice will fill you up with warm chocolatey goodness. It’s Hot Chocolate reinvented with so much more.

Moon Juice has combined its classic adaptogens Spirit Dust, Sex Dust, and Collagen Protect into the perfection that is Cosmic Cocoa. This decadent hot chocolate is designed to increase mood, libido and support skin, hair, and nail growth.

This Adaptogenic Hot Chocolate is made with reishi mushrooms, ashwagandha root, goji berries, astragalus, and many more natural ingredients

Organically grown and sustainably sourced, it’s packed with adaptogens such as heirloom cacao, designed to not only increase mood and libido but support your immune system, too.

Just add two teaspoons of Moon Juice’s Comic Cocoa in your mug, add a splash of hot water and dissolve. Top up with add some creamy oat milk, heat on the hob or microwave, and enjoy. What a delight!


Organic Cacao Powder, Organic Coconut Sugar, Rice Bran Solubles (Tocotrienols), Organic Lycium (Goji) Berry Powder, Organic Reishi Mushroom Extract, Organic Ashwagandha Root and Leaf Extract, Shilajit Extract, Organic Shatavari Root Powder, Organic Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed) Leaf Extract, Organic Maca Root Extract, Organic Schisandra Berry Powder, Organic Astragalus Root Extract, Silk Tree Bark Extract, Longan Berry Extract, Organic Red Rooted Sage Extract, Organic Stevia Leaf Extract (Reb A)
Allergens: Tree Nuts (Coconuts)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is heirloom cacao?

Heirloom cacao, otherwise known as the diamonds of the cacao tree, is believed to produce the finest flavor of all the cacao beans. This variety is typically grown in the shade under trees, and the beans are cultivated to produce the finest chocolate products.

This type of cacao bean has long been used for its potent mood-boosting effects and its ability to support energy. It contains a compound called theobromine, which is a gentle stimulant and has longer-lasting effects compared to caffeine.

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Moon Juice - Cosmic Cocoa: Adaptogens for Mood & Libido, 6.9oz
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