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Brand - M. & S. Bouchet

M. & S. Bouchet - "Le Slyphe" Cabernet Franc, 750ml

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Quick Description

Hailing from the Loire Valley in central France, this gorgeous Le Slyphe Cabernet Franc boasts distinctive notes of red fruits, black pepper and oak.

Key Information

  • Origins: Loire Valley, France 
  • Varietal: Red Wine 
  • Grape: Cabernet Franc
  • Vintage: 2017 
  • Vineyard: M & S Bouchet 
  • Character: Plum and red fruits, fine tannins
  • Pairing: Tomato-based sauces 
  • Allergens: Contains sulfites 
  • Vegan Friendly

Product Overview

Delight your taste buds with this gorgeous Cabernet Franc from M. & S. Bouchet’s 2017 vintage.

This red boasts a fine tannic structure and balanced acidity, both of which are characteristic of Cabernet Franc wines. Notes of red fruits and plum come through beautifully on the palate, with aromas of black pepper and oak making for a pleasant, spicy finish.

M. &. S Bouchet produces its wines using biodynamic principles, meaning they’re not only delicious but sustainable, too! Each wine is aged in a tuffeau cellar in neutral oak casks (some of which are over 100 years old) before being fermented using native yeasts. 

Delicious, reliable, elegant, and sustainable - this Cabernet Franc is everything you’re looking for in a red wine!

We recommend pairing this Le Slyphe Cabernet with tomato-based sauces. The high acidity of the grapes cuts through the sweetness of the tomato, bringing out the flavors beautifully. 


100% Cabernet Franc 
Contains Sulfites 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the story behind M. &. S Bouchet?

The Domaine M. & S. Bouchet estate is located in Montreuil-Bellay, approximately 15km south of Saumur. It is run by Matthieu and Sylvanie Bouche, both of whom took over the estate from Matthieu’s father, François, in 1990.

M. & S. Bouchet produces its wines using biodynamic principles and vines that are over 80 years old. This means that the vineyard only yields a small amount of wines each year, so call yourself lucky if you manage to get your hands on one! What’s more, all of their wines are biodynamic, meaning no fertilizers, pesticides, or additives are used in the process.

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M. & S. Bouchet - "Le Slyphe" Cabernet Franc, 750ml
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