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Brand - La Cantina Pizzolato

La Cantina Pizzolato - Muse Prosecco Spumante (NV), 750ml - Italy

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Quick Description

This is a dry and refreshing prosecco from the Pizzolato vineyard in Treviso, Italy. Prepare your palette for tones of crisp apple and alluring jasmine.

Key Information

  • Produced in Treviso, Italy
  • Fruity, with hints of apple and hazelnut
  • Pairs with all kinds of entrees

Product Overview

Get ready for a light yet fruity prosecco with aromas of beeswax and pear! Whether you’re enjoying a sunny picnic or celebrating a friend's birthday, Pizzolato’s Muse Prosecco Spumante is packed full of delicious bubbles and elegant flavors so would be sure to go down a treat on any occasion! Italy is prosecco’s birthplace and we at PlantX believe they know how to do it best!

The Pizzolato family have been growing grapes in Treviso, Italy, for over five generations, passing down the magic throughout the years and creating beautiful proseccos and wines. Produced on a hillside in the rich countryside north of Treviso, Pizzolato’s Muse Prosecco Spumante has been created with care, ensuring a delicious and harmonious balance of flavors!

Beginning with the enticing scent of fresh jasmine and warming beeswax, following on to crisps flavors of tasty apple, acidic lemon, and finishing with tones of hazelnut and sage, we at PlantX love this prosecco and believe you will too! So next time you are celebrating in the sun or just fancy a cheeky glass after work, go on, try Pizzolato’s Muse Prosecco Spumante!


100% Organic Prosecco

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I pair Pizzolato Muse Prosecco Spumante with?

Pizzolato Muse Prosecco Spumante is dry and refreshing so would pair well with any entrees as an aperitif! We would recommend trying it out with some of your favorite picnic snacks, such as olives or chips and dips!

Client Reviews

La Cantina Pizzolato - Muse Prosecco Spumante (NV), 750ml - Italy
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