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Brand - Kikusui

Kikusui - Junmai Ginjo Sake (2019), 300ml

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Quick Description

Impress guests at your next dinner party by serving up some Junmai Ginjo Sake from the award-winning Kikusui. Crisp, refreshing, and light, it’s sure to delight!

Key Information

  • Origins: Niigata Prefecture, Hokuriku Region, Japan
  • Varietal: Still Sake
  • Brewery: Kikusui Shuzo
  • Alcohol Content: 15%
  • RPR: 55%
  • Character: Medium dry, with aromas of melon & mandarin
  • Pairing: Tempura vegetables
  • Vegan 

Product Overview

It’s safe to say, the Kikusui brewery has a fair amount of sake-making experience under its belt. Founded in 1881, in the Niigata Prefecture, it has achieved countless gold prizes over the years, including the 2016 Gold Prize at the Annual Japan Sake Awards, and Gold Medal at the 2014 International Wine Challenge. The Junmai Ginjo Sake is a tasty testament to all this hard-earned knowledge and experience. To break it down, the term ’Junmai’ translates to ‘pure rice’, meaning no additives like extra alcohol are included. ‘Ginjo’ means the rice has been polished to a minimum of 55%.

Together, this results in fragrant and fruity sake, which certainly applies here! For the most delicious results, serve chilled (around 40-60°F), and experience a refreshing, medium-dry sake, with aromas of melon, followed by juicy flavors of mandarin. Great for sake savants and newbies alike, it’s the perfect sip to enjoy with food, and will pair with just about anything. Its crispness can cut through tempura veggies fantastically, while its fruitiness would make a fine match for many desserts! This sake is the definition of clean and crisp and makes an intriguing alternative to white wine.


Water, rice, malted rice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does ‘polishing’ rice mean?

Polishing is a process whereby the bran, on the exterior surface of a grain of rice, is removed. This can be done to varying degrees. For example, with Kikusui Junmai Ginjo Sake, 45% has been polished leaving 55% of the Sakamai grain. Polishing improves flavor and leads to a cleaner and purer-tasting liquid. Higher grades range from 50-70% RPR (rice polishing rate), making this one a premium potation!

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Kikusui - Junmai Ginjo Sake (2019), 300ml
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