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Kawakawa - Sauvignon Blanc (2020), 750ml - New Zealand

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Quick Description

This is a fragrant and fresh Sauvignon Blanc from the Kawakawa vineyard in Nelson, NZ. Prepare your palette for crisp pear and tropical melon aromas!

Key Information

  • Produced in Nelson, New Zealand
  • Fruity, with hints of pear and apple
  • Perfect with mushroom & garlic flatbread

Product Overview

Kia Ora! Welcome to New Zealand, home to some of the world’s tastiest grapes. Sauvignon Blanc is famous for being the first wine that put New Zealand on the map. It now has a massive following with millions enjoying its exuberant and intense flavors around the globe. We love this wine thanks to its carefully balanced acidity that provides a crisp freshness. We’re talking green citrus leaf aromas, fresh herbs, and juicy pear, melon and passionfruit notes.

Sauvignon Blanc is well known for being extremely aromatic. Be prepared for overtones of tropical fruit with notes of fresh-cut grass and gooseberry characters. The grape was first commercially produced in the 1970s and nobody was prepared for the extreme success and popularity that it has bought. We love wine here at PlantX but sometimes we choose to not play by the rules.

We know the sommeliers say you should never add ice to your wine. We agree, most wine should remain ice-free, but a glass of this Sauvignon Blanc from Kawakawa with a small ice cube in it mellows it out and keeps it cool. Trust us, it went down a treat!


100% Sauvignon Blanc

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I pair the 2020 Kawakawa Sauvignon Blanc with?

We asked some of our customers what they like to pair this pear-flavored bottle of goodness with. Garlic fries and Mushroom flatbread all came up as favorite pairings for this juicy number. We would also recommend pairing it with anything with garlic in it!

Client Reviews

Kawakawa - Sauvignon Blanc (2020), 750ml - New Zealand
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