Haven's Kitchen - Gingery Miso Sauce, 5oz

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Haven's Kitchen - Gingery Miso Sauce, 5oz

Brand - Haven's Kitchen
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Quick Description

Haven's Kitchen Gingery Miso adds so much flavor to dishes, you’ll wonder how you’ve ever cooked without it. It’s one of those secrets that you just have to share!

Key Information

  • Smooth Gingery Miso Sauce
  • For making sauces, dressings, or marinades
  • Inspired by and made with Japanese flavors
  • Sweet and salty taste
  • Gluten-free

Product Overview

How much flavor can one packet really hold? The answer is: a lot. If you haven't been cooking with Miso, you’re totally missing out. Interested in giving it a try? Go for Haven's Kitchen Gingery Miso!

Haven's Kitchen’s Gingery Miso is fantastic for cooking. It’ll glaze tofu and vegetables wonderfully and pairs amazingly with soba noodles. It’s a great way to add saltiness to your dishes!

Is it just salty? No! Miso is much more complex than that. Haven's Kitchen’s Gingery Miso, however, is even more flavorful. It’s sweetened with date paste and a dash of earthiness with toasted sesame oil and dried shiitake mushrooms.

Can you use Haven's Kitchen’s Gingery Miso on its own? Absolutely! Simply drizzle over salad or slaw and enjoy!


Water, Date Paste, Mirin (Water, Organic Rice, Koji [Aspergillus oryza], Sea Salt), Shallots, Organic White Miso Paste (Organic Soybeans, Organic Rice Koji (Organic Rice, Koji [Aspergillus oryza]), Sea Salt, Water), Tamari (Water, Soybeans, Salt, Sugar), Ginger, Rice Vinegar, Toasted Sesame Oil, Dried Shiitake Mushrooms, Sea Salt.*Contains: Soy & Sesame

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much Haven's Kitchen’s Gingery Miso should I use?

An ideal serving would be one tablespoon - and that’s already tons of flavor! Always season to taste though, because you may need even less than that. You can always dilute the miso sauce before adding it to your stir-fries so that it’ll coat the ingredients more as the mixture blends and thickens.

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