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Grandma Lucy's - Support Supplements for Dogs & Cats, 6oz

Grandma Lucy's - Support Supplements for Dogs & Cats, 6oz

Brand - Grandma Lucy's
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Quick Description

Boost your pet’s health with Grandma Lucy’s Pumpkin Pouch Support Supplements For Dogs & Cats, made with plant-derived superfoods! 

Key Information

  • All Natural Support Supplement for Dogs & Cats
  • Contains Pet-Friendly Superfoods
  • Made from Pumpkin Flakes
  • Grain Free
  • Made in the USA

Product Overview

Would your pet benefit from a boost of plant power? Grandma Lucy’s Pumpkin Pouch Support Supplements for Dogs and Cats are made with all natural, plant-derived ingredients to provide your pet with a range of essential vitamins and minerals.

Grandma Lucy’s Pumpkin Pouch Support Supplements are made with fiber-rich pumpkin flakes, along with other carefully chosen superfood ingredients, designed to support different aspects of your pet’s health. They are grain-free, cruelty-free, and made with locally sourced ingredients in the USA. 

Grandma Lucy’s is committed to creating convenient, healthy food supplements to enhance your pet’s health. All Support Supplements are made with high quality, human grade, plant-based ingredients. 

Please note that these dietary supplements are to be enjoyed by your pet alongside a healthy balanced diet. If your pet suffers from any health conditions, please do not use these supplements as a stand-alone treatment. Be sure to consult your vet about how to best support your pet’s health. 

Pumpkin Pouch Skin & Coat

This superfood supplement is made with pumpkin flakes, coconut, flaxseeds, and sunflower seeds to keep your pet’s skin and fur strong, glossy, and moisturized. 

Pumpkin Pouch Digestive

If your pet needs support with their digestion and producing healthy stool, this is the supplement they may benefit from. Made with fiber-rich veggies, including pumpkin, beets, and kale, as well as anti-inflammatory ginger, this nutrient-dense supplement will help keep your pet regular and support healthy digestion. 

Pumpkin Pouch Inflammation

This superfood supplement is designed to help reduce inflammation and reduce joint pain. It’s particularly suited for older dogs who might suffer with conditions like arthritis. It is made from pumpkin and kale, as well as antioxidant-rich blueberries, and ginger and turmeric root which both have powerful anti-inflammatory properties. 

How to Use Grandma Lucy’s Support Supplements for Dogs & Cats?

Grandma Lucy’s recommends serving 1tbsp/10lbs of your pet’s body weight per day (eg. if your dog weighs 25lbs, you should give them 2½ tbsp of supplement each day).

You can add the supplement to your pet’s food dry, but for best results, it is recommended to add an equal amount of warm water to the pumpkin flake blend, mix well and wait 2-4 minutes for it to rehydrate.

Then add the mix to your pet’s food, or as a tasty stand-alone snack, for lots of health-boosting benefits. 


Pumpkin Pouch Skin & Coat: Pumpkin Flakes, Coconut, Flax Seed, Sunflower Seed.

Pumpkin Pouch Digestive: Pumpkin Flakes, Beets, Kale, Apple, Ginger.

Pumpkin Pouch Inflammation: Pumpkin Flakes, Kale, Blueberry, Turmeric, Ginger.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Grandma Lucy’s source the ingredients for its Support Supplements for Dogs & Cats?

Grandma Lucy’s began when its founders discovered the inferior quality of the ingredients used in most dog foods. They didn’t want to feed their elderly spaniel Lucy these less-than-nutritious foods and so started making her food at home from ingredients they would eat themselves. 

All of Grandma Lucy’s Support Supplements for Dogs & Cats are made from human-grade raw ingredients, sourced from the same places supermarkets and restaurants source the ingredients for your dinner. They are locally sourced and domestically grown where possible, and always free from GMOs. 

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Grandma Lucy's - Support Supplements for Dogs & Cats, 6oz
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