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Graft Cactus Succulent 'Red' - 3" Pot

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Also known as the ruby ball cactus, this eye candy is a combination of two species of cacti — usually Gymnocalycium and a rootstock cactus like the Hylocereus. The plant doesn’t produce chlorophyll, and therefore, cannot produce its own food. It grafts itself into a photosynthetic rootstock, creating a unique and eye-pleasing mutant.  They grow in a variety of shapes and sizes that are perfect to display in a collection. They are usually short-lived even with good care, which adds to their charm among plant enthusiasts. Graft Cactus is a uniquely vibrant red color on the top and a traditional cactus below thanks to the results of careful grafting in its cultivation period. Colorful and easy to care for, this cactus makes a unique gift for friends and co-workers.


Our Graft Cactus plant comes in a uniquely vibrant red color and will arrive planted in a 3" nursery pot. Each cactus is grafted together with the help of floral glue. * Product Size : 13 oz.


The plant likes partial sun to partial shade environment. 


It dislikes extremely cold temperatures. 


When displayed on your study or work desk, small plants can improve your focus and mental health. 


To keep your plant vibrant and healthy, place it in a warm and sunny place. It should be planted in the quick-draining cactus mix in a pot with adequate draining holes. To further prevent root rot, add a few gravel or pebbles at the bottom of the pot.  Thoroughly water your plant, but wait for the soil to completely dry first in between watering. Fertilize your plant only during spring and summer to maintain its bright red color.  PLANT CARE WITH PETS AND CHILDREN Although non-toxic to pets and children, it is still best to keep these cactis sharp spines away from places where animals and kids can reach. 
Graft Cactus Succulent 'Red' - 3" Pot
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Hi Elizabeth N. Thank you for your 5-star review! We appreciate your support! We are so happy to see your plant baby thriving in it's new home! Thanks for choosing PlantX! Stay curious. Stay planted. Stay healthy. Best, Dakota PlantX

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