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Grady's - Decaf Bean Bag Coffee Concentrate, 8oz

Grady's - Decaf Bean Bag Coffee Concentrate, 8oz

Brand - Grady's
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Quick Description

As the saying goes - early to bed and early to rise. Grady's Decaf Bean Bags steeps overnight, giving you delicious cold brew coffee in the morning!

Key Information

  • Each can contains 4 decaf coffee bean bags
  • Makes 12 servings of decaf coffee
  • New Orleans-style coffee
  • Easy to steep cold brew
  • Decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Method

Product Overview

If you’re looking for easy, breezy, and brewtiful cold brew, then Grady's Cold Brew has the answer for you.

Grady's can contains four Bean Bags of Decaf Coffee Concentrates. To make this cold brew, you won’t need any special equipment or fancy tools. All you need is a container for cool water and a Bean Bag!

The steeping process is easy. Drop a Bean Bag in the container of cool water. Let that sit or steep overnight. When you wake up, the coffee is all done and you can remove the Bean Bag. It’s that simple!

Your Decaf Cold Brew is good for two weeks as long as you keep it in the fridge. If you do, you’ll have delicious and cold Cold Brew waiting for you whenever you want some.


Coffee, Chicory, Spices

Frequently Asked Questions

How much coffee will a Grady's Cold Brew Decaf Bean Bag make?

A Can can make 12 cups of decaf coffee. That’s because each bag makes 3 servings already.

What does the Swiss Water Method mean?

This method is an environmentally-friendly and chemical-free way to remove 99.99% of the caffeine in coffee beans. This method involves soaking unroasted coffee beans in water to extract the caffeine.

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Grady's - Decaf Bean Bag Coffee Concentrate, 8oz
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