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Goldthread - Tonic - Green Minerals, 12oz

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Enhance your vitality and energy in this deeply sustaining infusion of earthen minerals and trace elements such as horsetail, red clover blossom, alfalfa, oat straw, nettle leaf, raspberry, rose hips, lemongrass, linden leaf and flower, and chlorophyll. Drink it when you’re feeling depleted and it’s also an essential nourishment for your hair, skin, bones, and nails.

Ingredients: Filtered Water, Lemon, Green Mineral Proprietary Herb Blend (Nettle, Oats, Alfalfa, Rosehips, Lemongrass, Linden, Raspberry Leaf, Red Clover, Horsetail), Maple Syrup, Monk Fruit Extract, Naturally Occurring Erythritol, Chlorophyll.

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Goldthread - Tonic - Green Minerals, 12oz
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