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Global Healing - Oxy-Powder® Dietary Supplement, 60ct

Global Healing - Oxy-Powder® Dietary Supplement, 60ct

Brand - Global Healing
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Quick Description

Global Healing Oxy-Powder® is a gentle colon cleanser that uses oxygen to help soften stools, eliminate accumulated toxins, and dislodge intestinal buildup.

Key Information

  • Designed to cleanse and detoxify the colon
  • Formulated to support gut health
  • Developed to help rid of fecal impaction
  • Helps relieves constipation
  • Non-GMO, gluten-free

Product Overview

Feeling full all the time? It’s time to lighten up with Global Healing Oxy-Powder®.

When waste gets stuck in your intestinal tract, it can cause you to feel bloated, heavy, and uncomfortable. Good news: you don’t have to wait too long to get relief because Oxy-Powder® can help move things forward.

Sleep on It
Take Oxy-Powder® before going to bed and allow it to work overnight. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and clean the next day.

Great Impact
Oxy-Powder® is designed to help gently loosen fecal impaction and intestinal buildup to detoxify your gut. Less gas, more relief, and a flatter tummy? Yes, please!

Number 2 Should Be Your Number 1 Priority
Your gut is your gateway to better health. A regular bowel movement gets rid of toxins and optimizes your capacity to digest and absorb essential nutrients. When things are slowing down, Oxy-Powder® can help.


Elemental Magnesium (From 2,746mg of Ozonated Magnesium Oxides), Natural Citric Acid, Organic Acacia Gum, Kosher Certified Vegetarian Capsules

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Global Healing Oxy-Powder® get rid of mucoid plaque?

Global Healing Oxy-Powder® is formulated to eliminate unwanted buildup in the intestinal tract. As it softens the buildup in your colon wall, it will come out as loose stool. This is a part of the cleansing process. Take note that results may vary and removal of mucoid plaque is not always guaranteed.

Is Global Healing Oxy-Powder® safe for children?

Global Healing Oxy-Powder® is formulated for adults and currently, there is no recommended dosage for children. We recommend asking your physician for guidance regarding how to best address your child’s digestive concerns.

Client Reviews

Global Healing - Oxy-Powder® Dietary Supplement, 60ct
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