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Global Healing - Biotin Plant-Based Vitamin B7, 60ct

Global Healing - Biotin Plant-Based Vitamin B7, 60ct

Brand - Global Healing
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Quick Description

Glow up with Global Healing Biotin! Enhanced with fulvic acid, it helps support metabolism, increase vitality, and keep your skin, nails, and hair healthy.

Key Information

  • Biotin derived from Sesbania
  • Formulate to support metabolism
  • Designed to strengthen nails and hair
  • Promotes healthy, glowing skin
  • Non-GMO, gluten-free

Product Overview

Global Healing Biotin is natural biotin derived from Sesbania, a plant from the pea family.

This highly bioavailable biotin, enhanced with fulvic acid, works at the cellular level to provide metabolic support and maintain hair, nail, and skin health.

B for beauty: Biotin is essential for producing keratin, the protein that gives structure to skin, nails, and hair. Taking biotin has been proven nto help produce healthy skin cells, even out complexion, strengthen nails, speed up nail growth and reduce hair loss.

Enhanced with fulvic acid, Global Healing Biotin also provides antioxidant and anti-inflammatory support to improve skin irritations.

B for body and blood: Biotin’s role in metabolism isn’t limited to converting food into energy. Biotin helps regulate glucose to support the maintenance of blood sugar levels. It also helps to regulate cholesterol levels and reduce fats that can be harmful to the heart.

B for brain: Biotin also helps to produce myelin, a type of lipid that insulates nerves and helps transmit nerve signals. A healthy myelin sheath allows the brain to process information efficiently, which translates to better cognition and reflexes.

More than just a beauty vitamin, biotin is designed to transform your overall health for the better. Get 2,500 mcg of biotin every day with Global Healing Biotin.


Biotin (from Certified Organic Sesbania Extract), Fulvic Acid
Inactive Ingredients
organic gum acacia, vegetable capsule (cellulose), nu-flow® organic rice hulls

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to wait for Global Healing Biotin to work on my hair and nails?

Biotin works by supporting healthy cell development. You should see improvement in your hair and nail health as and when they grow.

Isn’t 2,500 mcg of Global Healing Biotin per day too much? Will I overdose on biotin if I take that much?

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin, and your body does not create biotin reserves. Any amount that your body does not absorb will be excreted through urination.

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Global Healing - Biotin Plant-Based Vitamin B7, 60ct
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