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Fidora - Pinot Grigio (2020), 750ml

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Quick Description

Fidora’s Pinot Grigio is versatile and vibrant, making it easy to pair with many delicious meals and also make an excellent aperitivo!

Key Information

  • Origins: Veneto Region, Italy
  • Varietal: Still White Wine
  • Grape: Pinot Grigio
  • Vintage: 2020
  • Vineyard: Tenuta Civranetta
  • Alcohol Content: 12.5%
  • Character: Full-bodied, fruity and floral
  • Pairing: Light entrees or a mushroom risotto
  • Vegan Friendly

Product Overview

Pinot Grigio is always a popular choice, and for good reason! This scrummy white wine by Fidora is so versatile, you’ll find yourself stocking up in no time. It is dry and full-bodied, striking a great balance between fresh and fruity. The mouthfeel is elegant and savory, so you can match it to any event, and plenty of delicious foodstuffs. Fidora’s use of only Pinot Grigio grapes in this vintage means that you know what you’re getting in each bottle. The grapes are grown on their own estate at Tenuta Civranetta, which is proudly both Certified Biodynamic and USDA Certified Organic. The naturally occurring minerals in the soil of the Veneto wine region bring a minerality to this Pinot Grigio, which complements the notes of apple and pear wonderfully. Recommended serving temperature is between 50-54°F.


100% Pinot Grigio Allergens: Contains Sulfites What sort of food will pair well with this Pinot Grigio?  Due to the dry and full-bodied nature of this vintage, we think that it goes fantastically with light starters and, you guessed it, Italian meals! For starters, why not pair some thin slices of avocado, with shavings of radish, slivered almonds and a healthy sprinkle of diced red onion and olives. If you’re looking to pair this wine with your entrée, look to pasta and rice-based dishes, as the complex notes of this wine will bring out their flavors. How about an exotic mushroom risotto, using vegan butter to sauté the onions? The best risottos have wine in them, so why not pour a large glass of Fidora’s Pinot Grigio in as you go, and use it to serve too? Mmmm. And as the bottle is already open, we won’t judge if you have a tipple as you cook - you should always check your ingredients, after all..!

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Fidora - Pinot Grigio (2020), 750ml
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