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English Ivy Gold Child - 4" Pot

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About English Ivy Gold Child

Originated from Europe, Western Asia, and North Africa, English Ivy Gold Child or Hedera Helix makes a striking addition to any home with its lustrous, star-shaped light green foliage accented with creamy yellow margins. This native climber thrives well either in hanging baskets or containers, and is often used for wall drapes and for groundcovers to prevent soil erosion – perfect for beginners and for people on the go. 


English Ivy Gold Child loves to receive low to medium indirect sun light. They can also flourish in bright indirect light, which helps them maintain their green-gold variegation. They like being around humid areas, too! 


Similar to other plants, English Ivy Gold Child loathes a wet, soggy soil. They don’t like being overwatered nor underwatered. Since they came from a cooler climate, this plant doesn’t enjoy hot indoor temperatures like tropical houseplants do. So, it’s best to place them in areas with temperatures ranging between 50 to 70 degree Fahrenheit. 

Health Benefits

Apart from making a beautiful home interior decoration, this variegated kind of ivy does well in improving air circulation. 

Looking after the plant

Plant your English Ivy Gold Child in a fertile, well-draining soil. Allow the soil to dry out completely between waterings and keep it evenly moist by raising the humidity level to light. To do so, mist the plant with a water spray bottle or place it on top of a pebble tray filled with water. Fertilizing isn’t required but it’s best to feed it once a year during early spring. 

Plant Care with Pets and Children

Keep this houseplant out of reach of pets and kids as it has toxic compounds that may bring stomach discomfort when ingested.  * Product Size : 15 oz.
English Ivy Gold Child - 4" Pot
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