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Brand - Domaine Bousquet

Domaine Bousquet - Premium Pinot Grigio (2019), 750ml

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Quick Description

Refresh your palate with Domaine Bousquet’s 2019 Premium Pinot Grigio, an excellent white grown and fermented in sunny Argentina.

Key Information

  • Origins: Mendoza Region, Argentina
  • Varietal: Still White Wine
  • Grape: Pinot Grigio
  • Vintage: 2019
  • Alcohol Content: 12%
  • Character: White with aromas of tropical fruit and a medium body
  • Pairing: Light Dishes: Pasta, Risotto, Salads
  • Vegan
  • Certified Organic

Product Overview

Treat your taste buds with Domaine Bousquet’s bright and citrusy 2019 Premium Pinot Grigio, made in the heart of Uco Valley, Argentina. It is made with prime, organically grown grapes that benefit from major temperature swings in the valley, and are fermented in steel tanks which invites richness and freshness of flavor. The golden highlights and creaminess of this refreshing white offer a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity, with a mouth-watering fruity finish.

This Premium Pinot Grigio delivers tropical notes of fresh apple, peach, and lime to create a well-rounded and extremely food-friendly wine. On a 1990 vacation to Argentina, third-generation french wine-maker Jean Bousquet discovered the perfect blend between his homeland and a new world in which to make his organically grown wines. The family soon joined the business and Mendoza has become the largest wine region in Argentina. Made with an Argentinian spark and a French sensibility, this delicate and sustainably made Premium Pinot Grigio pairs beautifully with dishes that match its lightness; a vegan risotto, a pasta with light sauce, or any scrumptious salads.


100% Pinot Grigio. Contains Sulfites.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Domaine Bousquet’s commitment to organic farming improve its wines?

Domaine Bousquet is committed to farming organically and striving to improve the land’s biodiversity. By respecting the land the vineyard resides on, they know that it will yield the best fruits for their elegant wines. Organically tended vines produce smaller yields with a larger concentration and intensity of flavor. These crops are grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides, creating a more authentic taste and preserving the land for future generations of growers. Domaine Bousquet’s 2019 Premium Pinot Grigio is the graceful and vibrant result of this enriching and symbiotic relationship between land, grapes, winegrower, and wine drinker.

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Domaine Bousquet - Premium Pinot Grigio (2019), 750ml
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