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Domaine Bousquet - Grande Reserve Malbec (2018), 750ml

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Quick Description

A strong and heady Grande Reserve Malbec from the Valle de Uco in Argentina. A direct and pure portrayal of the classic Argentinian red.

Key Information

  • Produced in Valle de Uco, Argentina
  • Grande Reserve Malbec
  • Red fruit and black tea flavors
  • Medium acidity
  • Ideal alongside oyster mushrooms
  • Vegan
  • Organic

Product Overview

Argentinian wineries are constantly pushing the envelope to create new, bold flavors that are instant classics worldwide. With a unique high-altitude terroir, the Valle de Uco has produced consistently wonderful wines of all varieties. Now you too can experience the magic of Argentina with this scintillating red wine. A pure and direct expression of classic Argentinian wine making techniques, the 2018 Domaine Bousquet Grande Reserve Malbec is a spectacular red wine that showcases all we know and love from Argentinian wine.

Produced at an elevation of 4000ft, these grapes have flavors of soft red berries. Combined with black tea aromas, this produces an angular and full-bodied vegan red wine, sure to instantly become a part of your fondest memories. Domaine Bousquet presents this dazzling Grande Reserve Malbec for you to enjoy. A truly food-friendly wine with a soft layer of beautiful tannins giving way to a flavorful finish. This beautiful vegan wine is best enjoyed with family and friends as you explore the unique and individual aromas of the Grande Reserve Malbec.


100% Grande Reserve Malbec.

Allergens: Contains sulfites

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I pair the 2018 Domaine Bousquet Grande Reserve Malbec with?

Top tip! Add a few ice cubes to each glass as you drink the 2018 Domaine Bousquet Grande Reserve Malbec to unlock every scent and aroma from this elegant wine. Our customers recommended that we try pairing the Grande Reserve Malbec with hearty oyster mushrooms for dinner or alongside a quinoa and broad bean salad at lunch. We found that this is an extremely versatile wine that can be enjoyed in the daytime or the evening. Enjoy!

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Domaine Bousquet - Grande Reserve Malbec (2018), 750ml
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