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Coffee Manufactory - Whole Bean Coffee, 12oz Multiple Roasts

Coffee Manufactory - Whole Bean Coffee, 12oz Multiple Roasts

Brand - Coffee Manufactory
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Quick Description

Coffee Manufactory delivers 100% vegan, artisanal Whole Bean Coffee with the highest quality of freshness and flavor in an assortment of exciting profiles.

Key Information

  • 100% vegan
  • Premium whole bean coffee
  • 6 exciting flavor and roast profiles
  • Sustainable practices

Product Overview

There is always a story behind your morning coffee. Coffee Manufactory sources the best-quality whole bean coffee from regions around the world in order to produce premium coffee that is consistent in quality and taste.

These rich coffee beans are layered with complex flavors and enticing aromas to create 6 distinct, luxurious blends.

Each coffee bean is handled with the utmost care from the moment it is sourced, in order to create great-tasting coffee. From classic, timeless blends with medium roasts, to notes of fruits and teas alike, there truly is something to satisfy everyone and transport your taste buds on an exciting journey.

00 Decaf

This 100% Colombia San Lorenzo Decaf coffee has a classic toasty flavor with a buttery smooth finish. This blend is ideal for anyone who wants to lower their caffeine intake without compromising on delicious coffee. With warm undertones of golden raisin, a zing of lemon zest, and velvety dark chocolate, this coffee is a harmonious blend of autumnal flavors, all while being caffeine-free.

01 Espresso

The 01 Espresso is a timeless blend from a washed process. It is a light and lively blend from three regions across South and Central America, as well as Africa. With notes of rich and indulgent dark chocolate, balanced with the natural sweetness of tangerine and luxurious clover honey. This smooth coffee is perfect for espressos, french press, or drip coffee.

02 Filter

The 02 Filter is a bag of whole-bean coffee that makes a full-bodied brew. It is made with a blend of equal parts Colombia Anserma and Rwanda Kanzu coffee beans. It boasts fruity and acidic notes of dried figs and Assam black tea.

03 Africa

The 03 Africa makes a cup of coffee with a rich flavor. The brew is a balance of acidity and bitterness. It’s also sweet, thanks to the long maturation period the coffee cherries go through. Think notes of apricot, bergamot, jasmine tea.

04 Latin

This 100% Colombia Anserma coffee is a classic blend. It is sweet, earthy, and rich. It makes a delicious cup of coffee bursting with notes of candied orange peel, black currant, and nougat.

11 Dark

If you’re looking for a dark roast coffee, the 11 Dark is the one to get. The blend of Colombia Risaralda and Honduras Los Planes coffee beans deliver consistent and complex flavors. Enjoy notes of roasted hazelnut, red currant, and Medjool dates.


00 Decaf Whole Bean Coffee
100% Colombia San Lorenzo

01 Espresso Whole Bean Coffee
50% El Salvador Metapan, 30% Guatemala San Carlos, 20% Ethiopia Geta Bora Lot

02 Filter Whole Bean Coffee
50% Colombia Anserma, 50% Rwanda Kanzu

03 Africa Whole Bean Coffee
100% Burundi Mwizero

04 Latin Whole Bean Coffee
100% Colombia Anserma

11 Dark Whole Bean Coffee
50% Colombia Risaralda, 50% Honduras Los Planes

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coffee Manufactory’s mission?

To deliver great-tasting and unique coffee! Coffee Manufactory is dedicated to sourcing coffee for specific roast profiles for you to enjoy. It works closely with the farmers to ensure the best quality from growing, harvesting, and processing.

Client Reviews

Coffee Manufactory - Whole Bean Coffee, 12oz
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