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Chacewater - Chardonnay (2018), 750ml

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Quick Description

Oh, baby! She’s bold, she’s rich, she’s creamy, and she’s got nothing to hide! This Chardonnay is a real attention seeker, and we are all watching.

Key Information

  • Origins: California
  • Varietal: Still White Wine
  • Grape: Chardonnay
  • Vintage: 2018
  • Vineyard: Lake County
  • Alcohol Content: 13%
  • Character: Oaky, full-bodied, bold
  • Pairing: Vanilla desserts, stewed fruits
  • Allergens: Contains sulfites
  • Vegan Friendly

Product Overview

Oakie dokie...This Chardonnay is Oaked by the Gods! Buttery and soft, this smooth number is beautifully balanced with hints of honeydew on the nose and perfectly poached pears. Cooked fruits with hints of hazelnuts hit the palate. Round in the mouth and full of body.

Malolactic fermentation converts the tart acidity of the malic acid into softer tasting lactic acid. This crisp juice was yielded by aging it for 12 months, with 55% in American oak barrels and 45% in French oak barrels. This secondary fermentation is what makes this wine so darned utterly butterly. Mmm. Paul and Kellye Manuel are the Mama and Papa of Chacewater vineyard. Their cornish roots saw their ancestors mining for tin and after moving over to California, that very same heritage drew them back to the ground, working with their hands, crafting nothing but simple beauties. Voila!


100% Organic Chardonnay Grapes. Contains sulfites.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I serve the Chardonnay with?

Get ready for the afterparty - she’s a dessert wine! Stewed fruits with vegan-friendly custard or cream would complement this Chardonnay stunningly. Our personal favorite pairing would have to be a simple scoop of vegan vanilla!

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Chacewater - Chardonnay (2018), 750ml
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