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Back to Nature - Strawberry Filled Licorice, 5oz

Back to Nature - Strawberry Filled Licorice, 5oz

Brand - Back To Nature
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Quick Description

Back to Nature’s Strawberry Filled licorice makes your taste buds explode. Full of natural flavor, they are the perfect snack for in-between meals.

Key Information

  • Organic
  • Non-GMO project certified
  • Plant-based
  • Natural flavor

Product Overview 

Attention all licorice fans, watch out for the unique natural flavor of Back to Nature’s Strawberry Filled Licorice. 

Different from any other chewy candy you might have tried before, these organic sweets give you the experience your taste buds were missing: a perfect mix of herbal licorice taste and fruity flavors, simply yummy. 

Enjoy the gummies at a picnic or support your workflow by munching a few of those little treats. The Strawberry Filled Licorice will sweeten your day no matter what. 

And the best part? All flavors and ingredients are naturally sourced and plant-based. Enriched with natural flavors, this candy will make you the happiest customer on earth. But customer satisfaction is not all. 

For Back to Nature, the planet comes first. While providing you with its incredible products, its mission is to preserve nature. That’s why it is a proud partner of The Nature Conservancy and is engaged with its Plant A Billion Trees Program.

Have you ever felt so good when feasting on candy? 


Sugar, corn syrup, wheat flour, sugar beet syrup, coconut fat, potato starch, beetroot concentrate, rice starch, natural flavoring, (strawberry), alginate, xanthan gum, carob powder, citric acid, sunflower lecithin, sunflower oil, carnauba wax
Allergens: Wheat, Coconut 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all the flavors in Back to Nature’s Strawberry Filled Licorice natural?

All flavors and ingredients used in the Strawberry Filled Licorice from Back to Nature are naturally sourced. The strawberry flavor comes from rich and tasty berries and beetroot is used for the beautiful red color

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Back to Nature - Strawberry Filled Licorice, 5oz
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