Arrowhead Mills - Organic Red Lentils

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Arrowhead Mills - Organic Red Lentils

Brand - Arrowhead Mills
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Quick Description

Arrowhead Mills’ organic red lentils are super tasty and high in fiber, iron, and protein, making them an essential item in any vegan’s food pantry!

Key Information

  • Excellent source of fiber
  • Good source of protein and iron
  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Kosher

Product Overview

Red Lentils are one of those staple ingredients that everyone needs to make heartwarming and nourishing meals, whether you’re vegan or not! With a rich, earthy taste that will add flavor to all your meals, Arrowhead Mills Red Lentils are the best way to ensure you and your family eat delicious food while keeping fit and healthy. Being naturally high in fiber, iron, and protein, they are a super important ingredient to have at home. Not only that, but Arrowhead Mills Red Lentils are organic and non-GMO, meaning that you can be sure that no harmful chemicals or pesticides were used during the farming process.

They’re naturally grown and harvested, allowing all the natural flavors and goodness to shine through. These lentils are super versatile and can be used in loads of different meals everyone around the table will enjoy. Why not use them to make a classic dhal or spicy red lentil and chickpea soup? They also go great in curries, or even in a veggie shepherd’s pie!


Organic Red Lentils

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s so great about Arrowhead Mills?

Arrowhead Mills has been providing families across America with organically grown, staple ingredients since 1960. Frank Ford, the founder of Arrowhead Mills, saw how using chemicals and pesticides in the farming process was damaging the food chain, meaning that today, almost all of Arrowhead Mills' food products are USDA-certified organic.

The lack of harmful chemicals used in their farming process also means that Arrowhead Mills is creating a cleaner and safer environment for our future generations. So you can enjoy these products knowing that they’re better for you, and our planet.

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