Apollo Wearable Multiple Options

Apollo Wearable Multiple Options

Brand - Apollo
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Quick Description

Apollo Wearables give you soothing vibrations to help you relax, sleep, focus, and feel better. Just wear them on your wrist or on your ankle!

Key Information

  • Nerve simulator and vibrating wristband
  • Comes with a band, clip, and charging cable
  • Free access to the Apollo Neuro App
  • Made in America
  • Available in Stealth, Rose, Glacier, and Quartz colors

Product Description

Apollo Wearables are designed and proven to help you feel better with the help of vibrations. Instead of tracking your health, this can actually improve it! The vibrations are like touch therapy. They are silent and soothing.

Available in Stealth, Rose, Glacier, and Quartz colors


  • 6-8 hours of continuous use
  • Clips are made from durable polycarbonate plastic
  • Bands are made with a comfortable and durable neoprene material with polyester overlays
  • Bluetooth BLE 5.0
  • Airplane mode
  • Haptics by Lofelt

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