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Ampelos Cellars - Pinot Noir SRH (2019), 750ml

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Quick Description

Ampelos Cellars’ 2019 Pinot Noir is fresh and elegant with dynamic notes of cherry, rhubarb, and a smoky streak of minerality. Organic. Biodynamic. Sustainable.

Key Information

  • Origins: Sta. Rita Hills, California
  • Varietal: Pinot Noir
  • Grape: 100% Pinot Noir
  • Vintage: 2019
  • Vineyard: Ampelos Cellars
  • Alcohol Content: 14%
  • Character: Velvety palate, ripe fruit flavors, notes of cherry and rhubarb
  • Pairing: Mushroom dishes, root veg, and legumes.
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Certified Organic
  • Certified Biodynamic
  • Certified Sustainable

Product Overview

This charismatic young Pinot demonstrates the best of the cool climate terroir of the Santa Rita Hills. Refined and light with a bold hint of smokiness, Ampelos Cellars’ 2019 Pinot Noir delivers braids of cola, ripe cherry, and tangy rhubarb, with delicate, flowery aromas of rose petals and lavender. These fruity florals are underpinned by a distinctive mineral base of smoked earth. Warming notes of nutmeg enhance fine-grained, silky tannins and a mouthwatering acidic bite. The finish is long, smooth, and mellow.

Serve Ampelos Cellars’ 2019 Pinot Noir SRH straight from the bottle at any occasion that deserves an infusion of elegance. Pour it into large, bell-shaped glasses to bring to magnificent full expression, and best experience those big aromas. Ampelos Cellars is proud to produce environmentally conscious, minimally invasive wines. Its vineyard became the first in the USA to be certified organic, biodynamic, and sustainable. Ampelos Cellars is known for its use of natural fermentation techniques to produce wines that are refined, unique, and supremely drinkable.


100% Pinot Noir. No Sulfites Added.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I serve the 2019 Ampelos Cellars Pinot Noir SRH with?

Celebrate those smoky, mineral undertones with some earthy flavors. Pair this California Pinot with a miso mushroom ramen, a brown lentil casserole, or a root vegetable tart. If you fancy something a bit more playful, try serving alongside a portobello mushroom burger with crisp sweet potato fries.

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Ampelos Cellars - Pinot Noir SRH (2019), 750ml
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