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Zebra Haworthia

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About Zebra Haworthia

Haworthia fasciata “Zebra Plantâ ” is a common household succulent. It’s perfect for beginners, because it grows well indoors when taken care of properly. It also propagates easily, which makes it perfect for arrangements or gifts.


Plant height (including pot): 5″; Pot width: 2.5″

Please note that our succulents are sold individually and come in a variety of shapes – each with their own unique personality. Your plant will arrive in a plastic nursery pot. Other pots are sold separately.


It does best partial sun. Plant in an area of your garden that gets 4-6 hours of sunlight in the morning. If given more sunlight it will turn a deep red color showing it is stressed. Too much sun will cause it to turn white and dry up.


Black spots Usually caused by overwatering, or when water is allowed to pool in the crown or between the leaf voids. The plant is basically rotting. Increase the intervals between watering, and ensure it’s not sitting in water for prolonged periods.


A surviving plant will get by with watering just once a month, however to get the plant thriving it will need to be done at least once a fortnight, possibly once a week in very warm temperatures.

Either way, water well and then only water again when the soil has largely dried out. These plants are very tolerant of under watering but will succumb quickly to rotting if overwatered.



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