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These crispy thin banana chips with Hickory BBQ are made from 100% real bananas, which are cut by hand into thin, wafer-like slices to achieve maximum crispness. The bananas are cooked and packaged the same day they are harvested – this guarantees the freshness of the chips. Only unripe, green bananas are selected, as they have a much lower sugar content.
In the manufacturing, natural flavours are used, i.e. flavours that only come from extracts and natural molecules – just like in nature. Organic rice bran oil is also used, a vegetable oil that offers many health benefits, such as lowering cholesterol levels, strengthening the immune system, preventing cancer and helping to lose weight. There are no preservatives added to the Banana Joe Banana Chips with Hickory BBQ. Non GMO, vegan friendly, gluten and dairy free.


Ingredients: Banana, rice bran oil, hickory barbecue seasoning, organic coconut sugar, salt, spices (chilli, onion, garlic), maltodextrin, natural flavouring, yeast extract.

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