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You can now serve Modern Meat at your restaurant!

  • Do you own a restaurant?
  • Do you want to attract all types of customers?
  • With the rise of meatless meat, restaurants are reporting major increases in traffic and sales.
  • Put Modern Meat on your menu and grows your business.
  • The Plant X Modern Meat Menu is NOW available for sale to food service operators.
  • We are here to help you accommodate vegans and vegetarians, so that you can take advantage of this quickly growing industry.

Join the plant-based revolution and give the modern customer exactly what they are looking for.

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Consumers everywhere are asking for vegan options. Now's your chance to grow your business by adding our plant-based "modern meat" recipes to your menu. Fill out the form below

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Boost Your Business By Giving The Plant Based Community Lifestyle Food What They Want


The future of protein is plant-based. That is why Modern Meat is devoted to creating 100% plant-based meat alternatives. Plant X ModernMeat has joined forces in collaboration to offer restaurants a way to serve the growing vegan community near your restaurant.

Increase Revenue

It is evident that the plant-based lifestyle has the potential to restructure the food industry. Restaurants everywhere are looking for ways to tailor their menus to accommodate vegans. Today, making sure you have a range of vegan options is a real must. Remember that more choices will give your restaurant a broader appeal.

Drive Traffic

When groups are looking for somewhere to eat, they typically look for a place that accommodates everyone’s dietary requirements.

Make an Impact

With a desire to reduce our environmental footprint, our meals require less water, land and produce fewer GHG emissions.

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