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Our Story

In a world with an endless and unquenchable thirst for the ideal diet, our goal is to share what being plant-based means to us. The ins, the outs, and how to live a simple plant-based lifestyle. The more you understand about the why’s and how’s of eating plant-based, the better you will be able to navigate your choices.

Towards a Better Tomorrow!

Veganism is not just a way of life; it is many beautiful, humane attributes entwined into a lifestyle. When you accept the plant-based way of life you not only pledge to use and consume products made from plants but also contribute to shaping a better tomorrow for us all. PlantX, which is an online marketplace for everything health and wellness related, has also pledged to do its bit to make a kinder and cruelty-free world where our lifestyle habits are also in sync with nature..

You Can Count On Us!

We’ve done the work for you! At PlantX you can shop with confidence knowing that everything we endorse meets our personal health and wellness morals. If it’s not plant-based, we don’t offer it.

We at PlantX are totally committed to promoting and creating awareness about the plant-based way of life and have also created a dynamic platform where plant-based people, vegans, vegetarians, and ALL health enthusiasts can engage and share best practices.

The PlantX Promise:

We strongly believe that everything that goes into our body should be made from natural ingredients, must not be harmful to the environment, and must also be affordably priced. And at PlantX, with the products we offer, we do our best to stick to our belief system. Un-complicating Life!

In order to make the world a better place to live, we now need to put into our body only what Mother Nature has to offer and un-complicate everything, and at PlantX we are doing just that. Whether you follow a plant-based lifestyle or are a flexitarian, you can always count on PlantX.

The PlantX Team

Sean Dollinger

PlantX Founder

A serial entrepreneur who, at the age of 17, started a delivery company that quickly grew into the largest of its type in Canada. In 2014, he launched Namaste Technologies—his first public company. Since leaving Namaste in March of 2019, Mr. Dollinger has gone on to provide advisory services for three public companies which have seen their market caps double in just three short months. Mr. Dollinger is also a vegan who truly understands the plant-based market.

Lorne Rapkin

Chief Financial Officer

CPA, CA, LPA is a partner at Rapkin Wein LLP and services clients from a variety of industries including financial services, real estate, automotive, professional services, manufacturing and media. He also works closely with investment and public companies complying with IFRS accounting standards. Lorne also provides advisory services for publicly listed entities. He works closely with management on go-public transactions and with mergers and acquisitions.

Julia Frank

PlantX CEO

is an experienced Marketing, Brand and Business Development Manager, who has worked multiple years for companies like BMW and Daimler in Germany. She is holding an MBA as well as a Masters Degree in Digital Entrepreneurship and has successfully set up brand & company strategies. As the face of PlantX, Julia focuses on a healthy and active lifestyle, loves to cook plant-based recipes and travels the world to experience as many different cultures as possible.

Alex Hoffman

Chief Marketing Officer

Having worked in a creative field for the past 10 years, Alex has a passion for design and an appreciation for beauty. She has joined PlantX to oversee all brand marketing activities, establish and execute key processes to enable rapid growth, in addition to working closely with the founding team to refine the brand’s message for key segments and capitalize on emerging opportunities/collaborations.

Yosef Adelman

Chief Technical Officer

Yosef began his Internet marketing career in 2008 as CMO for CFS, a BPO company that pioneered offshoring processes, marketing, and technology for companies like Sony and Microsoft. Now, the CEO of Falcon Marketing, Yosef Adelman has come up with an unparalleled approach to online marketing. He has joined the PlantX team to develop an effective and unique strategy for the one-of-a-kind platform, in order to increase awareness and online traffic.

GeoLyn Mantei

Chief Strategy Officer

As Chief Strategy Officer, GeoLyn drives the company’s effort to deliver strategies and growth solutions with a focus on enhancing the customer experience with PlantX. Over fifteen years in media and marketing and a decade in sales and management, this experience has taught her that outstanding results derive from a combination of talented teams, well considered strategies through aligned visions and goals to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

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