June 30,2020

Modern Meat Joins The Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE)!

Congratulations to Modern Meat for its public listing on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) Stock Market this week! It is no doubt that much of the world is trending towards plant-based eating, and we are quite positive that this global shift is here to stay. Plant-based meat brands may not be entirely mainstream yet, but they are gaining worldwide popularity as they disrupt the meat industry.   Modern Meat is one of the first Canadian brands to offer so many options for protein alternatives, and their recipes are the most unique that we’ve encountered.

Growing Trends Toward Plant-Based Protein

At PlantX, we are always excited to see the success of companies like Modern Meat, as it shows that manufacturers are trending toward healthier all-natural options. With a portfolio of gourmet and nutritious plant-based foods, Modern Meat showcases the best of plant-based eating. It offers proprietary recipes that are free of soy, gluten, nuts, and GMO’s, making it an excellent option for health-conscious consumers. Modern Meat was also the first company that PlantX collaborated with. Our meal delivery is so special due to this partnership, and we plan to continue bringing innovative plant-based meals to homes across Vancouver and Winnipeg, while also expanding to all other provinces across Canada.

On the PlantX platform, our goal is to always support local companies and give our customers access to new and exciting brands like Modern Meat. The plant-based market is growing very quickly, and demand is greater than ever before. The interest in Modern Meat is particularly thrilling because, as their company continues to grow, we will be able to offer more extensive distribution and delivery options for meals like Modern “Crab Cakes”, “Meatballs”, and “Burgers” across Canada and into the U.S Market.

Real Ingredients, Real Food, No GMOs

Unlike competitors in the market, Modern Meats recipes are made in the kitchen with hands-on knowledge from chefs who specialize in plant-based foods. There is nothing lab-grown when it comes to these ingredients! Modern Meats’ recipes are all-natural, gluten-free, soy-free, with no GMOs, something that PlantX can get behind. As we look forward to bringing you more great plant-based options like Modern Meat, PlantX opens its arms to eaters of all types. Whether you’re curious about trying new flavorful plant protein products, or just curious about the plant-based lifestyle. Join the movement towards a healthier you today at PlantX.