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Volker Eisele - Terzetto (2016), 750ml

Volker Eisele - Terzetto (2016), 750ml
The 2016 Volker Eisele Terzetto is an award-winning red with intense dark flavors and alluring aromas of cherry, chocolate, and plum. Exquisite! Key Information Origins: Napa Valley, California Varietals: Red Wine, Bordeaux Blend Grape: 33% Cabernet Sauvignon, 33% Cabernet Franc,...
Volker Eisele - Sauvignon Blanc (2019), 750ml
Hitting you with a fresh citrus punch! Volker Eisele’s 2019 Sauvignon Blanc is an inspiring white to cool you down and reinvigorate your senses. Key Information Origin: Napa Valley, California Varietal: Still White Wine Grape: Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon Vintage: 2018...
Volker Eisele - Cabernet Sauvignon (2015), 750ml
A classic red of the world-famous Napa Valley in California. Renowned and refined. This Cabernet Sauvignon is one for the ages. Have you tried it yet? Key Information Origins: Napa Valley, California Varietal: Red Wine Grape:Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot Vintage:...
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