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Breadcrumbs can be found in most American pantries. Fortunately, we now don’t even have to wait till we’ve got some stale bread to make them ourselves - there’s an awesome range of pre-made brand crumbs out there! But news flash: breadcrumbs aren’t always vegan! They often contain eggs, milk, cheese, or honey. Introducing: plant-based bread crumbs! Our range of vegan breadcrumbs will ensure that your plant-based lifestyle doesn’t have to exclude them. Sometimes a meal just needs a bit of extra crunch!

What can you make with vegan breadcrumbs?

Vegan breadcrumbs are such a handy ingredient to have in the pantry at all times. They may not be a meal on their own, but they will help enhance a huge range of delicious meals.
Let's look at a few ways that you can use plant-based bread crumbs in your cooking…

  • Add a crunchy topping to a range of delicious oven meals. Try scattering vegan breadcrumbs over a vegan pasta bake before baking, or a simple tray of vegetables before roasting. You can even scatter vegan bread crumbs over a bowl of salad for some added crunch! You can use them on our awesome recipe for Baked Plant-Based Mac and Cheese.

  • Plant-based bread crumbs can be used to bulk dishes out. They’re great as a bulker in vegan burger mixes, sausages, or nut loaves. If you’re making your own vegan meat substitute, vegan bread crumbs are just the ticket for getting the texture perfect!

  • Use vegan bread crumbs as a crispy coating. Instead of Chicken Kiev how about Tofu Kiev? Replace the chicken with extra firm tofu, stuffed with vegan garlic butter, and coated in a crispy layer of plant-based bread crumbs. Such a good bite!

  • Make a vegan bread sauce to eat with roasted veggies and nut loaf. In a pan, heat vegan milk with a dollop of vegan butter, 3 smashed garlic cloves, a halved onion, and a number of aromatic herbs such as bay leaf and thyme. Simmer over medium heat for around 20 minutes. Remove the onion, garlic, bay leaf, and thyme. Add breadcrumbs and vegan creamer and cook for a further 3 minutes until thick. It’s great for Thanksgiving!

Are vegan breadcrumbs healthy?

Breadcrumbs can be healthy or unhealthy, they vary so greatly! A lot of the mainstream packaged breadcrumbs are full of nasty preservatives and additives, which isn’t so nice. These products have sometimes given breadcrumbs a bit of a bad rep, to be honest!

But what’s awesome about our range of vegan breadcrumbs is that they’re made from all-natural, all-plant-based ingredients. None of the nasty stuff! We’re only interested in brands that use top-quality ingredients and keep things simple. That’s because it benefits your health, as well as the planet. It also lets the simple, natural flavors of vegan bread crumbs speak for themselves!

Top brands to try

Kikkoman Gluten-Free Panko Bread Crumbs is a gluten-free version of this Japanese-style bread crumb. They’re light and crispy and perfect for making vegetable tempura or katsu tofu. Panko vegan bread crumbs absorb less oil whilst cooking, so the calorie count of your food will remain lower. You could also simply garnish some roasted broccoli or asparagus with a sprinkling of panko crumbs.

OK so these are technically vegan croutons rather than vegan bread crumbs but they do the same job in adding a wonderfully crunchy topping to salads and pasta! These are on the chunkier side in terms of vegan breadcrumbs, so you can even eat them straight from the bag! We love them on a warm bowl of soup.

Kelly’s Croutons - Just Crumbs is the crumb version of their garlic croutons! They’re literally the crumbs that are leftover from the production of the croutons. We love the idea. You can use them in the same way as the croutons, though it would definitely be harder to eat them straight from the bag! We love sprinkling these vegan bread crumbs over a simple plate of roasted veggies to add some crunch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are vegan bread crumbs freezer friendly?

Vegan breadcrumbs are freezer friendly. Transfer the vegan breadcrumbs to an airtight plastic container or bag. Pop into the freezer and consume within 6 months. If you’re going to use them as a crumb coating, you’ll want to thaw them first. To do this, spread them over a baking sheet and let them thaw overnight. You could also thaw them more quickly by placing the baking sheet into an oven on low heat for 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the quantity. You could make a large batch of vegan breadcrumbs and freeze them in portion-sized containers, to have on hand at all times.

Do vegan breadcrumbs contain yeast?

Each of our vegan breadcrumbs products is made to its own uniquely delicious recipe, using its own special blend of ingredients. Some of our vegan breadcrumbs contain yeast and some do not. If you are trying to avoid yeast, please read the list of ingredients on the product page to check. We have vegan bread crumbs to suit most allergies and dietary restrictions.

Are plant-based bread crumbs gluten-free?

Looking to buy some vegan breadcrumbs but trying to avoid gluten? Some of our plant-based bread crumbs are gluten-free, and some are not. Be sure to check the information and ingredients on each product’s page to confirm whether it’s certified gluten-free or not. We have vegan bread crumbs that are totally gluten-free so we’re sure you’ll find something that’s right for you!

Do vegan breadcrumbs contain corn?

Some vegan bread crumb products contain corn, and some do not. Each of our vegan breadcrumbs products uses its own special recipe and ingredients will vary. We have selected a range of vegan breadcrumb products that cater to different dietary requirements and preferences. If in doubt, please read the list of ingredients that you will find on the product page or packaging.

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