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Smart Sweets - Sour Blast Buddies, 1.8 Oz
Smart Sweets Sour Blast Buddies will be your new sour-sweet best friend! Bursting with sour power and juicy sweetness, these treats are made with monkfruit, allulose, and stevia so you can enjoy them and know you're not getting any artificial...
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1 review Smart Sweets - Peach Rings
$2.89 $2.19
Smart Sweets - Peach Rings
Smart Sweets Peach Rings are packed with juicy peach flavor but without any of the artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols found in other peach rings. These delicious rings are sweetened with premium natural sweeteners like monkfruit and stevia so you...
$2.89 $2.19
Smart Sweets - Sweet Fish, 1.8 Oz
Smart Sweets Sweet Fish are the number one fish in the sea, and is the most popular Smart Sweets treat for good reason! These delicious chewy sweets are made with the premium natural sweeteners allulose and monkfruit, so they only...
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