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Morton - Salt Kosher, 48oz

Morton - Salt Kosher, 48oz


Salt. It’s one of the oldest minerals on earth and has many, many, uses, it’s not just for flavoring food! But, do you know what salt is or where salt comes from? Or, how salt is made? Below, we answer these and some other frequently asked questions about salt and its health benefits. 

What is salt and how is it made?

Salt is a mineral, and is made from two elements, Sodium, and Chloride. Together, they make up the compound Sodium Chloride, which is otherwise commonly known as salt. 

All salt is derived from the ocean. There are two methods that are used to harvest and produce salt. The oldest and most common way of producing salt is by evaporating seawater or water from saltwater lakes. Water is trapped in shallow pools, and left to evaporate naturally by the sun until only the salt remains. Common table salt is made this way, and so is sea salt. 

The other method is to harvest salt from salt mines, like the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan, which harvests tons of pink Himalayan salt daily. Salt mines occur when shallow oceans naturally evaporate. They then leave behind beautiful and naturally formed salt crystals that range in color from pink to black, and each has its own unique and individual flavor. 

Top salt brands to try

Redmond - Real Salt Shakers 

Redmond Real Salt Shakers are filled with 100% unrefined sea salt. Harvested in an ancient underground salt mine in Utah, this natural sea salt contains over 60 trace minerals! Redmond's Real Salt Shakers also have two options to choose from. Select the Sea Salt option for finer grain salt, or the Kosher Sea Salt option for larger and coarse salt grains.

Sutter Buttes - Sea Salt - Multiple Flavors

This carefully crafted sea salt is used by chefs around the world! Sutter Buttes’ Sea Salt is harvested using traditional methods that give you a flaky sea salt that tastes and looks amazing! Contains no artificial ingredients and comes in multiple tantalizing flavors such as Applewood Smoked and Lime Fresco.

Redmond - Real Salt Grinder Refill - Coarse Salt 

Redmonds Coarse Salt is packaged in a handy resealable bag, which features a spout with a screw-on cap. This makes it easy to fill your salt grinder or shaker, without wasting any precious grains! The salt can also be used straight from the bag, and makes a perfect finishing touch on dishes! 

Natierra - Himalayan Pink Salt Flakes

Natierras’s Pink Himalayan Salt Flakes is ais a simply beautiful and natural salt. It is 100% pure salt hand-harvested from unpolluted salt brines. This pink salt is completely unprocessed and unfortified for a delicate and natural flavor. Not only does it taste good, but it will also look fabulous when sprinkled over salads, sauces, or any dish you like! 

The health benefits of salt

Salt is actually an extremely important and necessary compound that our bodies need to function. In fact, the human body wouldn't survive without it! Not only is it great for flavoring our food, but salt is also a vital component when it comes to our bodies functioning to the best of their abilities. 

It helps to maintain our nerve and muscle functions and to balance out the fluids in our blood, as it helps to regulate water and electrolytes in our bodies. Contrary to popular belief, if salt is eaten in moderation, it is believed it may actually help to regulate your blood pressure. However, as with most foods and ingredients, salt must be eaten in moderation. Too much salt can upset the delicate balances within our bodies, which may lead to a range of adverse health effects, such as dehydration and high blood pressure. 

Useful tips and variations

Over the thousands of years that it’s been around, salt has gained many uses. Salt can be used in a variety of ways and in a wide range of recipes. It's easy to use to make new flavor combinations too! Why not add some natural and organic sea salt or pink Himalayan salt to your next vegan chocolate dessert?! Mix it in while cooking, or add a sprinkle on top of your creation for a professional-looking and tasty dish! 

Salt has many other purposes too, it's not only good for food! You can add salt to a bath, as it’s thought this may help to ease skin conditions. Salts such as pink Himalayan salt may also help to ease skin irritations. You can use salt for cleaning too! Simply mix salt with lemon juice for a powerful and natural cleaning agent! You can even mix salt with water and gargle it to relieve a sore throat or add a pinch of salt to the water of freshly cut flowers to make them last longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there sulfur in salt?

Yes, sulfur can be found in salt. The good news is that sulfur is actually good for our bodies. Sulfur is used by our bodies to build and repair our DNA and to protect cells from any damage. When our cells get damaged, it can cause conditions and health problems to occur. 

Sulfur also plays an important part in maintaining the health of our skin, our tendons, and our ligaments. 

Can we eat salt every day?

It is ok to eat salt every day, in fact, our bodies need it! Having a diet that's extremely low in salt is not recommended to the majority of people. can be. But as mentioned previously, too much salt in your diet every day may also cause your body to have health problems. 

Check out your recommended daily salt intake, and stick to the guidelines. The American Heart Association recommends adults consume no more than 2,300mgs a day. The recommended amount may also vary depending on your individual dietary requirements. 

Does salt increase blood pressure?

Salt can increase blood pressure if you consume quite a lot of it. But, too little salt can also lead to low blood pressure. As mentioned above, check out what your recommended daily intake of salt should be. If you have other health problems or concerns surrounding your health or diet, you should always speak to a doctor before changing your diet. 

Depending on the type of salt you choose to use and how it was processed, salt can also contain lots of other trace minerals. These minerals, such as zinc, iron, and calcium, are also important to our bodies and the way in which they function. Drastically reducing or increasing the amounts of salt and minerals in your body may affect your overall health

Does salt have antibacterial properties?

Yes, it does! Salt has been used for thousands of years in every country on earth. It's believed that its uses and purposes are endless, especially when it comes to natural healing remedies. 

Salt works as an antibacterial agent, by altering the environment that the bacteria or virus has grown in. Salt reduces the water content in the bacterial or viral cells, and also changes the pressure amongst the cells. This makes the environment uninhabitable for the bacteria or virus, and it essentially dies. 

Salt can be gargled with water, as this is thought to help when you have a sore throat, or added to baths to potentially help soothe skin conditions. Salt can also be used to make a saline wash, which can be handy for washing out your eyes or sinuses. Simply boil some water and let it cool, then add salt!