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It might sound a little odd, but pinto beans are one of the prettiest beans we’ve ever seen! They look like they’ve been painted with their uniquely speckled shells.

These beauties are also packed full of nutrients like antioxidants, fiber, and magnesium. Plus, especially if you’re vegan, pinto beans are an excellent source of good quality plant-based protein and can be subbed into recipes in place of meat. 

If you’re looking to buy pinto beans online, then you’ve come to the right place because we have plenty of beautiful brands committed to delivering the very best quality beans!

What are pinto beans?

Pinto beans are pretty little things that when raw have a pinkish shell that’s covered with brown speckles. Plus they are as nutritious as they are gorgeous with a ton of protein and fiber, as well as being low in calories and fat.

These beautiful little beans are native to Mexico and the Central and Southwestern regions of America. This is why you will find that pinto beans are most commonly found in Mexican-style recipes like burritos, but they also work well in all kinds of other recipes thanks to their nutty, creamy flavor. 

If you’ve never tried pinto beans and are wondering what you might have eaten that’s comparable, we would say black beans are the most similar in terms of taste. Black beans are also the best alternative if you are following a recipe that lists pinto beans because you can pretty much use the two interchangeably. They’re also fairly similar flavorwise to navy beans, cannellini beans, and kidney beans. 

When looking to buy pinto beans, you will most likely find that they are canned which has the advantage of them being super easy to cook because you can just add them straight to your recipe. If you prefer the fresher variety when looking to buy pinto beans online, dried pinto beans are your best bet, but you will need to soak them before cooking. 

What do pinto beans do to your body?

Pinto beans are full of antioxidants like polyphenols and flavonoids, which are free radical fighting compounds. This can be extremely beneficial for the body because free radicals are believed to cause damage to cells. 

It has also been shown that even though pinto beans are relatively high in carbohydrates, they don’t cause a spike in blood sugar levels. Actually, pinto beans are a low GI food that can help regulate blood sugar levels in the body, and their rich fiber and protein content provide slow-releasing energy. 

Potential health benefits of pinto beans

Pinto beans are a great source of protein and fiber, as well as containing essential nutrients like vitamins B1 and B6, iron, and potassium. They are also relatively low in calories and fat, which makes them perfect for anyone who is trying to lower their calorie consumption while retaining a good level of nutrients in their diet.

Pinto beans are thought to potentially lower the risk of coronary heart disease. Actually, legumes are generally believed to support overall heart health. However, it’s not just because pinto beans are a legume, they are also a great source of folate, potassium, and magnesium, all of which are essential nutrients. 

Popular brands to try

Looking to buy pinto beans online, but not sure which ones to go for? Here are a few of our favorites to get you started!

Healthy, convenient, and tasty! If you’re looking to buy pinto beans online that are simple, quick, and easy to make then these pinto beans are the ones for you. Add your favorite seasoning to these nutritious beans to enjoy on their own, on a salad, or add them into burritos.

If you want to buy pinto beans that are as fresh as possible then these are the beans for you. You can tell by the pink speckled color of these pinto beans that they haven’t been cooked. Dried pinto beans like these beauties by Cadia, also tend to contain less sodium and chemical preservatives than canned beans. 

Cadia has done all of the hard work for you with these beautiful organic pinto beans. They’re seasoned beautifully in a spicy tomato sauce ready to just be heated up and enjoyed as they are, or you can add them into chili to up the protein and the nutritional value. 

If you’re looking to buy pinto beans online that are simple, quick, and easy to make then these Cadia beans are the ones for you. Add your favorite seasoning to these nutritious beans to enjoy on their own, on a salad, or add them into burritos. Cadia also uses USDA organic pinto beans, so you know you’re getting properly grown food. 

With just 3 ingredients in the can: pinto beans, water, and seaweed, you can enjoy the convenience of canned beans without worrying about artificial preservatives. Eden Foods only uses good quality pinto beans that have been organically grown, so they’re always a safe bet if you’re not sure which brand of pinto beans to buy.

Pinto Bean Recipes

One of the healthiest ways to consume pinto beans is with brown rice. This is because then you have a meal that is packed with protein but low in fat, helping you to build lean muscle. Particularly if you are vegan, pinto beans are an excellent replacement protein for any dishes that would otherwise contain meat.

Our favorite way to enjoy pinto beans is in burritos because they always feel like a treat even if it’s a Monday night dinner! Stuff fluffy tortillas with wholegrain rice, pinto beans, vegan sour cream, guac, and your favorite veggies, and you’ve got yourself a hearty but nutritious meal. The seasoning is another case of preference really, to keep things a bit authentic use classic Mexican spices like paprika, garlic, and cayenne pepper. 

Pinto beans are also especially yummy with salads because they make them so much more satisfying. We also love adding them into soups and stews as pinto beans are incredible at soaking up all of the tasty flavors that they are cooked in. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are black beans or pinto beans healthier?

Black beans are slightly healthier in terms of overall nutritional value, although both are extremely healthy sources of essential nutrients. Black beans contain slightly more magnesium and zinc, but pinto beans contain more fiber and vitamin B6, and they both contain the same amount of iron. So, our conclusion really is that we love both black beans and pinto beans, and it’s really up to you which you prefer. Their similarity in terms of flavor means they also go well together so you could add a 50/50 mix of black beans and pinto beans to your food, then you get the best of both worlds!

Are beans high in carbohydrates?

All legumes contain a relatively high number of carbohydrates. However, they are also high in protein and fiber so they’re not something you should rule out based on carbs alone. If following a keto diet, you might be allowed a small number of beans because their net carb content is reduced to an extent because they are also high in fiber. Some beans are higher in carbohydrates than others; for example, kidney beans contain considerably more carbohydrates than soybeans. 

Are pinto beans good for weight management?

They can be for many reasons! Just adding beans to your diet is unlikely to be enough on its own to cause a weight loss. However, the nutrients contained within pinto beans, like protein and fiber, can contribute to you feeling fuller for longer which then reduces the urge to snack. When the nutritional density of pinto beans is taken into consideration they are pretty low in calories, which is of course important when weight loss is the goal. It’s essential to make sure you are getting enough nutrients particularly when restricting calories.

Can I substitute chickpeas for pinto beans? 

You certainly can! Both chickpeas and pinto beans have a mild, earthy flavor which means one can be substituted for the other in most recipes. Pinto beans are lower in calories and fat than chickpeas. However, chickpeas contain more protein, fiber, and iron than pinto beans, so which pulse you choose to make your food with is really down to personal preference!