Essential Oils & Aroma Therapy – PlantX US
Olbas - Aromatherapy & Massage Oil
Olbas Aromatherapy & Massage Oil is a tried and tested blend of all-natural essential oils to soothe muscle tension and clear your breathing. Key Information Message oil that soothes your muscles Aromatherapeutic Cruelty-Free All-Natural Blend of 6 Essential Oils Product...
Weleda - Energy Aroma Shower Gel, 6.8oz
Made with rejuvenating plant extracts like ginger, lemongrass and cedar, Weleda Energy Aroma Shower Gel cleanses the skin and awakens the senses. Key Information Energizing Shower Gel With Ginger, Lemongrass & Cedar Cleanses and Invigorates For Everyday Rejuvenation Supports Your...
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