Eco-Friendly Kitchen Products – PlantX US
World Centric - Fiber Bowls, 11.5oz
World Centric Fiber Bowls come in an 11.5oz size and are made from both bamboo and unbleached plant fibers to provide a biodegradable and compostable solution for single-use food waste. Eco-friendly, durable, and soak-proof, each bowl can be safely composted...
$2.99 $1.89
World Centric - Compostable Hot Paper Cups, 12oz
World Centric Compostable Hot Paper Cups are an eco-friendly choice for parties, picnics, or camping and made from FSC certified paper and plant-based bio lining. Made from plants, not petroleum, each World Centric cup can be used with hot liquids...
$4.99 $3.39
World Centric - Compostable Utensil, 24ct
World Centric Compostable Utensils are made from annually renewable resources and break down in 6 months in commercial composting facilities, providing a biodegradeable solution for single use food waste. Lightweight, strong, and a non-toxic alternative to plastic, each utensil can...
$3.29 $2.19